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Charlotte Funeral Homes

Funeral planning is an inevitable task that everyone will be concerned with at some point in their lives. As unpleasant as this subject is to consider, it’s still important to learn important facts about funeral planning to avoid making an emotionally draining time even more stressful.

There is a broad range of funeral homes to serve the needs of Charlotte residents. You have the protection of particular rights when dealing with them, and they are constrained by rules and regulations that keep your costs from escalating.

Read further to find out what rights protect you, how to find a reputable funeral parlor, and what they have to do for you.

Charlotte Residents have Rights

One of the best protections you have in Charlotte is that the funeral home has to provide a list of the prices they charge for the services and products they offer.

Whether by phone or in writing, you have a right to request a complete price list.

There is also a Federal Trade Commission law that makes it mandatory that the funeral home allow you to choose any option or service they offer, without first having to buy a funeral package.

North Carolina law is specific that the funeral home can’t discuss planning a funeral with you until they have first provided you a price list. This protection let’s you enter discussions with funeral providers forewarned of expenses.

Choose Your Own

In the case of cremation, you have the right to use the container of your choice. The funeral home can’t require you to use a casket for a cremation.

Buy From any Provider

The funeral home you choose to host memorial services cannot require you to use a coffin sold by them. You have the freedom to purchase a coffin from anyone you choose, and the funeral home has to use it.

Embalming in Charlotte

Embalming the deceased is not mandatory. The funeral home must have your explicit permission to proceed to embalm the deceased. Whether your reasons are religious or personal, your right to leave the body unaltered will protect you.

A Way to Plan a Funeral Online

You can visit the Dignity Memorial Funeral Network website and use their online funeral planning tool to make the necessary arrangements. The website also shows different themed funeral options that may inspire you with a different way to memorialize your loved one’s life.

Assemble a List of Charlotte Funeral Homes

Pre-planning is the best way to arrange for a funeral. Start by visiting the Better Business Bureau of North Carolina and browsing the list of BBB-accredited funeral service providers. Visit the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service and find nearby licensed funeral homes that can serve you.

Overspending Should Be Avoided

Preplanning your funeral needs means more than just knowing where the funeral will be held; you need to establish a budget so you won’t add financial distress to the experience of grief.

You should plan in advance for all aspects of the funeral to avoid unnecessary problems.

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