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Charlotte Aging In Place

When you consider all of your long-term care options, you might be hesitant to enter a nursing home or assisted living facility, especially if you love your home. Luckily, there are aging in place services that allow you to get the care you need all from the comfort of your home. These services can range from homemakers, people who will come to clean your house or do other chores, to home health aides that can help you with medications and other medical needs. There is a whole host of services you can get in your home and Charlotte has plenty of options.

Who Will Pay For These Services?

There can be a few different options for payment of home care services. If your doctor has stated that you need medical help to stay in your home, then you might be able to get reimbursed for your home services and won’t need to pay out of pocket. Eligible seniors can also contact the senior services division of the Charlotte Department of Human Services to get access to things like meal delivery, homemaker services, home improvement and other services. Veterans should look into their benefits to see what coverage you can get for home services.

What Is The Cost Of These Services?

The cost of home care is going to largely depend on two factors, the type of care you get and your location. The average across the nation for home services is around $3,800 per month or about $123 per day.

Charlotte’s average for home care services is a little less, and homemaker services come in around $3,384 per month and home health aides cost about $3,623 per month. That means you could be paying $111 to $119 per day for services. Again, these are just average costs and could be higher or lower depending on what provider you use and how often you need these services.

How To Find A Provider

It is important that you find a reliable provider because these people will be in your home and around you and your loved ones. You can ask for recommendations from your friends and neighbors, or you could go online to look at reviews. The Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont/Charlotte is a good place to start looking because you can see their business profile along with customer reviews.

Once you have a shortlist of providers you’re interested in, you should start calling each and asking questions. You want to make sure you choose providers that are properly licensed and insured as well as bonded. You should ask how they hire their employees and find out if they do background checks or any other kind of screening. You will also want to be clear on their scheduling and payment policies, so you know how to book their services and what type of payment they accept. Go over every detail before you agree to sign a contract and begin services.

Other Home Care Options

While homemakers and home health aides tend to be the most common type of home care services, there are other options. The growth of online providers and services has made it easy for anyone to find help with any task they might have.

If you have a dog that needs to be walked or a cat that needs to be checked on, you can find help at You can find help with other chores or errands through Favor or Taskrabbit and, or Amazon Home Services can help you find access to things like contractors for home improvements, lawn care services, and any other task you might need around the house.

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