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How Much Does Charleston In-Home Care Cost?

If it's time to begin thinking about in-home care, then you might have some questions on how to start your research. By preparing for the process, you can ensure that you or your loved one gets the right type of support they need, combined with the correct amount of time, and affordable price.

People are creatures of habit, and that's not the exception when it comes to making a choice of leaving your life long home to join assisted living quarters or bringing your health care directly to your home. Most seniors prefer to stay in their comfort zone and as we get older that sentiment grows stronger according to AARP.

So how can you accommodate your care needs or that of a loved one? In-home care.

The Skinny On In-Home Care

Despite misconceptions of the Charleston population, only 12% of the residents living in the area were 65 years or older.

9% of those live below the $10,000 annual income, making in-home care a major factor in their long-term health.

61% of the elderly live with either friends or family in Charleston, while the majority of those living with others are males.

Options for Charleston Homemaking Rates and Services

Options vary based on services rendered, median income, and specialty needs when choosing your care provider. Combined with total hours worked each week, one can expect to pay anywhere from $128 to $216 per day. That's quite the difference when you add up the total on a monthly basis.

The biggest impact of rates is based on the amount of time you need health care support. While most companies will offer basic care services including prescription reminders, menu and food preparation, general errands, and appointment transportation, others may have a more robust platform.

Deciding upon what types of services you need and how often will significantly impact your bottom line.

Picking the Right Support Plan

When choosing your support plan, it's important to assess your needs based on care. You can do this one of two ways. First, you can determine how much care is required based on friends and family availability, using the care agency as a supplement to your daily responsibilities.

The other option is to work with a placement agency to help you determine what type of service and support your loved one requires based on their current medical condition.

Both approaches can yield beneficial results so planning on how to pick your care provider should be a top priority.

FAQ's on Choosing Your Care Provider

Knowing what to ask and when to ask it is mandatory when selecting a health care provider. Many companies offer standard statistics and services, but digging a little deeper can give you the insight you need when making your decision.

Check the Better Business Bureau to see how they rank with consumers. Research the company to see if they are under any malpractice lawsuits. Find out if they offer combined planning options which include family members during service planning phases.

All of these steps are great ways to ensure that you are getting the right service for the right price without compromising quality.

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