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Charleston Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Why stop working just because you’re retired? After a lifetime of working you have a vast reservoir of experience and knowledge that you can use to make Charleston a better place.

Volunteering is a way to use your talents and abilities to give back something to the community while keeping yourself vital and active. There are many ways to volunteer in Charleston that will benefit the city and you.

Read this article to see some of the different ways you can enjoy the benefits of volunteering in Charleston.

Medical University of South Carolina

The Medical University of South Carolina is accepting applications for volunteers. They have many important areas you can help in that are rewarding and will make a difference. Volunteers are only accepted during certain times of the year so check out their website for application details.

You will be provided with training and support, have to attend a general orientation, and commit to a minimum of one 3 to 4 hour shift per week on the same day and the same time. You’ll also be expected to perform at least 100 hours of volunteer work per year.

The South Carolina Aquarium

The South Carolina Aquarium is a fascinating place to volunteer, with the opportunity to work with some of the most exotic ocean life you’ve ever seen.

You could be an Exhibit Guide volunteer who engages with the Aquarium guests on the floor. Exhibit Guides serve as ambassadors and interpret the various exhibits for patrons. A shift may involve time at the Touch Tank, looking over the Shark Shallows, and even handling animals like snakes, turtles, and alligators.

If you like working with children the Aquarium needs Structured School Program (SSP) volunteers to act as teachers to groups of grammar and high-school students. Specifically, you will work with managers and instructors to teach conservation-oriented educational programs.

A good volunteer position for someone who is outgoing could be as a Visitor Center Ambassador. The Visitor Center Ambassador talks to patrons about the Aquarium, stocks the card rack, and encourages people to visit the Aquarium.

The Charleston County Public Library

The Charleston County Public Library is a good place for book lovers to volunteer. They need people to help with educational programs, as English-as-a-Second-Language tutors, and to help people learn how to use the Library computers.

You must pass a background check and attend an orientation as part of the volunteer process.

Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission

The Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission needs volunteers. There are always opportunities for volunteers, and they’ll be happy to hear from interested individuals. As a volunteer, you’ll enjoy some valuable perks:

Make new friends and meet great people Attend special events Get a reciprocal pass for certain area attractions Use county parks and programs for free

If you love the outdoors and love Savannah parks, this could be the place for you.

Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination, there are a plethora of area organizations that could use your special abilities, skills, and knowledge.

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