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Charleston Retirement Planning

It’s fortunate that Charleston, South Carolina seniors have a wide selection of certified financial planners in their area. A retirement specialized financial planner will help take over the research and planning that can overwhelm someone still working.

It’s a sad fact that many people don’t worry enough about how they can prepare for retirement. Transamerica conducted an illuminating survey of over 4,000 people regarding their retirement planning. Much fewer than half had better than a guess about the assets they would need for a financially secure retirement.

Find a Charleston financial planner that specializes in retirement planning to learn if your retirement plans are on track. Keep on reading to learn the how and why of finding a certified financial planner in the Charleston area.

Many Things to Consider for a Happy Retirement

The accepted recommendation by the CFP Board of Standards is that you must consider all the retirement issues that will affect your quality of life. Many factors determine if you’ll retire well or poorly:

Estate planning to distribute your property according to your wishes

Long-term care planning to ensure comfort and dignity as your faculties deteriorate with age.

Geriatric care must be set up, as your medical needs change from middle-age to old age.

Insurance that mitigates against new risks associated with your retirement years and ending insurance coverage that you no longer need.

Use a retirement planner to make sure each of these issues and others particular to your situation is examined in detail and provided for.

Taxes and Other Income Issues

The rules and regulations associated with drawing down your retirement assets are complex and can be difficult to navigate. Draw down too much money, or begin to do so too soon and you’ll lose money to taxes and penalties.

Collect your Social Security benefits at the wrong age for your circumstances and possible short yourself by a considerable amount.

A certified financial planner will guide and advise you as to the best way to make use of your retirement funds. He can minimize your tax payments while ensuring that you collect the monthly income you need.

Finding Charleston, South Carolina Financial Planners

One of the best ways to begin your search is to speak to people you know. Ask friends, family, and business associates who already use a retirement specialist. If they’re receiving good service from someone, they should be happy to recommend them to you.

Online searches are quick and easy to do. Use the CFP Board of Standards searchable database to find a retirement specialized financial planner local to you that fits your needs.

Barron’s has a current year list of the top-rated financial advisors in Charleston, South Carolina that will provide valuable leads.

The Better Business Bureau of South Carolina is a respected source of BBB-accredited professionals and has a list of financial advisors that will serve you well.

Interview Your Candidates to Find the Best One

Arrange meetings with your best candidates to find the retirement specialist that best fits your needs. Explain your goals and when you want to achieve them, and he’ll help you get there.

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