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Charleston Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Many adult day programs are available to seniors who require care throughout the day that their families may not be able to provide. Many caregivers are family members who simply check on their elderly parents when they have the time. Those that work regularly are not able to offer the regular care that some so desperately need. The adult day programs allow caregivers to drop off their loved ones on any weekday so that they may receive the care they require.

What You Will Find at Adult Day Care and Respite Care Locations

Meals are one of the most important offerings from an adult day care facility. Staff members cook and provide meals to every single person attending each day. Those that reside at the center from morning until evening may receive both breakfast and lunch, along with a snack or two. This ensures seniors are receiving the adequate nutrition they need to remain as healthy as possible.

Rehabilitative services may also be offered. While this option is not available at every single location, some places will have these services ready for the seniors that need them. This could include simply doing some walking or exercises, or be working with an on-site physical therapist to regain a wider range of motion.

Locating Charleston Respite Care Providers

The Respite Care Charleston office offers three separate programs. There is one for those suffering from Dementia, one for care partners, and one for early stage Alzheimer’s patients. These support groups are provided along with the typical respite care options found at this type of facility.

There are several adult day care locations in the Charleston area. Aging Gracefully Sr. Care Services is one option, located in Ladson. TruCare Adult Day Center is on University Blvd, within the city of Charleston itself. East Cooper Senior Day Care is nearest to Mt. Pleasant. Active Day is a facility in Goose Creek. With all these options to choose from, there is bound to be a favorite place that seniors in the area look forward to attending each time.

Paying for Adult Day Care Costs

The median range for adult day health care is $59 per day in Charleston. This is slightly higher than South Carolina’s average of $55 per day but less than the average across the U.S., which is $69 per day. Either of these prices is well worth it for a full day of care, activities, and meals for seniors. It offers a way for caregivers to have a day away while still knowing their loved one is taken care of properly.

Caregivers are typically responsible for paying these care costs. While the amount can add up if you are dropping your mother or father off every single day, the cost will remain low if you only use the service when necessary. Those that do require these day services every day, whether because of work or otherwise, can often receive assistance through the state. There are funded programs, such as Medicaid, that may pay a portion of the cost for a low-income family.

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