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Charleston Rehab Centers

Recovering from a stroke, surgery, severe illness, or heart attack can be tough. You need a transition period to regain strength, learn new skills, and just heal. Nursing homes and rehabilitation centers provide the suggested therapy required for recouping and offer daily care with a variety of therapists. Here are some ideas on setting your rehab facility expectations and information on insurance coverage.

What to anticipate during your rehab stay

You may see various names for services such as short-term, post-acute, or transitional, but they are all the same. The goal of rehab is to teach you how to live independently once again while you increase endurance and learn new methods to complete your daily tasks. Once you are ready to enter rehab, the facility staff will evaluate your current medical condition. The rehab facility will then create a daily recovery plan for you and your doctor to execute during your stay.

Each patient receives a tailored plan based on medical needs. For example, a surgery patient will need to focus on getting balance, the range of motion, and manage pain after the operation. Stroke patients may demand additional therapy for speech. These services will be completed daily or multiple times a week depending on availability.

Starting your recovery journey

You have several options to choose from in the Charleston area, so don’t let that overwhelm you. Below are recommended facilities based on ratings from

The Palms of Mount Pleasant provides a Rehab to Home program offering the highest standard of therapy while focusing on both your medical needs and overall well-being.

Savannah Place offers short-term stays under the care of trained medical staff to prevent complications or hospital readmission.

Sandpiper Premier Senior Living specializes in intensive therapy available six days a week to return patient home quickly and safely.

Your doctor will most likely give you recommendations and suggestions on facilities that offer services you need in your recovery.

Set your standards high

The best referral you can get is word of mouth. Ask around to check on others’ experiences at these centers. Also, search for online reviews. Pulling upstate inspection records will help verify that the facility is clean. If you can, tour the facilities to meet the staff who will be taking care of you. The most important thing to check is that the facility accepts Medicare or is Medicaid-certified.

Who pays for what

Medicare Coverage A does cover skilled nursing care, so you will need this coverage and days left in your benefit period.

You will also need to be admitted to the hospital for three consecutive days after you were admitted.

The medical condition will need to require rehab services for facilities which can be ordered by your doctor or surgeon.

You will need to verify that the nursing home does accept Medicare. Also, there may be some services and treatments that insurance will not cover. Review your recovery plan and therapies with your doctor. If you don’t qualify for Medicare, long-term care insurance or Medicaid may cover this care.

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