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Charleston Funeral Homes

The death of a loved one is a stressful and overwhelming event. To plan a funeral from scratch almost immediately after someone has passed away is adding more stress to this difficult time.

By planning funeral arrangements in advance, you can allow everyone affected by the death of a loved one to focus on their grief, and be less distracted by other issues.

This article will introduce you to the rights you’re guaranteed when purchasing funeral services, and how to find the right funeral home for your needs in Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston Residents Have Rights

Federal and state regulations protect Charleston residents when they purchase funeral services and products. For instance, you have the right to request a complete list of the prices a funeral home charges. You can negotiate from a position of strength when you know what they charge for everything they offer upfront.

Federal Law Protects You

FTC regulations require funeral parlors to sell any item or service to consumers without restricting any option to only be part of a package.

You Can Bury Someone on Your Private Property

In addition to federal law, South Carolina law states that a person may be buried on their own land. The only caveat is that disinterment can be costly if the house is sold and the new owner doesn’t want a grave on the property.

You Can Use Any Container for a Cremation

As long as the material is combustible, you can use any container to cremate the deceased. The funeral home cannot require that you use a casket that they sell you, or you buy elsewhere.

According to South Carolina Law You Don’t Need a Casket

A body does not need to be contained by a casket to be interred in the ground. The funeral home can request that the container is sufficient to prevent contact with the pall bearers and funeral home staff.

You Needn’t Embalm

No legal requirements state that the body of the deceased should be embalmed. Although in cases of delayed burial, the body must be kept refrigerated.

Make Funeral Planning Easy

Use online planning tools to make a plethora of planning activities easier. The Dignity Memorial online funeral planning tool will allow you to plan every aspect of a funeral in Charleston.

There are options for themed funerals that can commemorate the profession or lifelong hobby of the deceased for a memorable funeral service.

Find Reputable Funeral Parlors in Charleston

Start by going to the South Carolina Board of Funeral Service and search for licensed funeral service providers near Charleston. You can verify their license status and if there have been any complaints filed against them.

Visit the Better Business Bureau of South Carolina to find a list of BBB-accredited funeral homes and morticians.

You can also ask friends to recommend funeral homes they have had good experiences with.

Plan to Save

Plan to save time and trouble during a difficult time. Don’t wait until it’s too late to consider all the details of funeral planning with a clear mind unclouded by grief.

Find assisted living in Charleston near you.