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Charleston Financial Advisors

With proper financial planning, you can make the most of your money, and provide yourself with a secure retirement. Careful planning will minimize your taxes, and maximize your investments.

In the course of daily life, very few of us have the time to keep track of financial complexities. It is easy to make mistakes.

A certified financial planner can help. With a financial planner helping you, you can be confident that a professional is managing your finances. A good planner is experienced and knowledgeable in growing your assets, advising you on the best insurance coverage, help with estate planning, and many other things.

In Charleston, South Carolina you can find a certified professional planner to keep you on track financially.

An Early Start

You should get an early start managing your assets. The sooner a financial planner gets started working with you, the sooner your nest egg will start growing. Those of you already using a financial planner should take advantage of your next meeting to:

Review your investments Update the planner on any changes since last time Review and revise your plans for the future

Certified Financial Advisors are Easy to Find

Keep in mind that reputable financial planners don’t aggressively market for clients. Only deal with planners whom you have solicited first.

Use the following resources to find a certified financial planner.

The Better Business Bureau has a listing of BBB-Accredited financial planning consultants.

Visit the CF Board of Standards and use their searchable database to find a certified financial planner that matches your requirements.

Try asking people who already use a CFP as they may offer valuable insights for you.

How are CFP’s Paid?

Certified financial planners are paid in several different ways.

A fee-based financial planner is paid a small percentage of your holdings every year. Since the planner’s income is tied to his performance, it can be a good way to pay.

A commission based payment model is when the financial planner is paid a commission by the financial companies he represents. With this model, you risk a conflict of interest.

If the planner sells insurance (which is usually a commission based product) he may use a mix of fee-based and commission payment methods.

Finally, you can pay some planners by the hour.

For Peace of Mind

Find out if the financial planner is a fiduciary. A fiduciary will have to look out for your concerns first because a fiduciary is required to do so by law.

Check the Certification Status

The CFP Board of Standards has a certification check tool that will tell you the planner’s certification status, discipline history, and record of bankruptcy, if any, in the last ten years.

Have Meetings

Have meetings with your best prospects. Explain what you need, your situation, and your goals. Interview the planners thoroughly. Consider everything you’ve heard and chosen wisely. Your financial planner will be responsible for helping you realize your financial goals for years into the future.

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