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Charleston Estate Sales

An estate sales company can help you clean out a loved one’s home after they have moved into a residential care home or have passed away. These companies work with appraisers to ensure that each item or piece of furniture is sold at its full value.

The Process of Estate Sales Professionals in South Carolina

You will find several estate sales companies in the Charleston area and although many follow their own process in serving clients, most adhere to similar operations. When you call an estate sales company, they will typically send a professional out to the home for an initial consultation. This gives the company an idea of how much the estate may earn.

The sales professional, once hired, will bring in an appraiser certified through the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) or the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). Each piece will be photographed, documented, and added to an inventory list. If the estate sales company knows of specific collectors for items, they may contact these individuals that understand the worth of antiques or collectibles. Some companies, like Total Estate Sales, specialize in antique furniture, rugs, crystal, and porcelain.

The company may ask you not to clean or throw anything away as items can easily be damaged if not handled properly. Once the estate sales company has documented each piece, they will set the dates and market the sale or auction on social media, their company website, and other estate sales directory sites. Companies, such as Charleston Estate Auctions, hold live online auctions.

A typical estate sale can run for one day or seven days, depending on the size of the estate. Larger estates from wealthy clients may take as long as two weeks. You are not required to attend as the estate sales company will manage the coordinating, cleaning, marketing, and financial transactions during the estate sales process. They will keep you updated with an inventory list.

At the conclusion of the sale, you may receive a list of the remaining items for donation purposes. The estate will typically receive a check minus commission and fees in two to four weeks.

Estate Sales Service Fees in the Charleston Area

Since most estate sales companies charge a commission from the total net proceeds of the sale, you may not have to pay any money upfront. The initial consultation fee is typically free or at a low cost with the total commission being 10 to 25 percent. The company may charge a higher fee if they are required to do more such as heavy cleaning or packing.

Finding Local Services in Charleston

You can find estate sales companies and certified appraisers throughout South Carolina using the online resources and databases from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Central South Carolina and Charleston, as well as senior care directories.

The ASA database lists about a dozen appraisers with various disciplines in the State of South Carolina while the ISA database lists six appraisers within 75 miles of Charleston.

Your friends and family may also have suggestions of reputable estate sales companies in the area.

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