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Caregiving in Charleston, SC

Being a caregiver isn’t easy. Some might say it’s more work than having a full-time job. To be a great caregiver, and prevent the physical and emotional burnout that can happen over time, it’s important to use resources available in the community to lighten and share the load. Here are some options that allow caregivers to take a break and provide assistance in the Charleston area.

Options when you need a short break

Caregiving is challenging both on your body and on your mind. It’s important to keep your energy up and to stay physically healthy, and a great way to do that is to schedule a regular weekly break. Here are a few resources that can help you do just that.

By using a concierge service you can cut down on the time you spend sitting in traffic or running errands by having goods and services delivered to your home.

Enrolling your loved one in an adult day program can give you time for yourself while they are being cared for and provided with a hot lunch at a state-licensed facility by certified staff. If your loved one has dementia, there are adult day care centers in Charleston who can accommodate their needs as well. Adult day programs cost a median of $61 per day in the area.

Hiring a homemaker or home health aide to provide in-home respite care is a good choice if your loved one isn’t able to leave the house, or if transporting them to an adult day program isn’t an option. For this service, you’ll pay a median of $129 per day.

If you find yourself needing a longer break, a short-term care facility that provides residential respite care is a good choice. In Charleston, you have dozens of options, like Ashley River Plantation, who will look after your loved one 24/7. You’ll pay a little more for this care, a median of $133 for assisted living and $242 for private nursing home care per day.

The South Carolina Office on Aging can help get you started on searching for care facilities in your area by using their helpful Long-Term Care Bed Locator tool. In addition, is a search-friendly website that displays information about Charleston facilities, including user-generated reviews, star ratings, and information on facility pricing.

When you need someone to talk to who understands

Caregivers sometimes feel like their family and friends don’t understand the challenges of providing care for a loved one. Peer support groups can be a great way to meet others who are knowledgeable and can provide support and suggestions when you need it. There are many options in the area, and here are a few suggestions of where to look for a group for you.

The Alzheimer’s Association Greater of South Carolina offers a 24/7 caregiver support hotline as well as monthly in-person support group meetings in Charleston.

The South Carolina Office on Aging also runs a Family Caregiver Support Program through the state that includes a number of resources, including connecting you to support groups in your area.

Stepping away from providing care

Sometimes, life gets in the way and makes you unable to continue to provide full-time care for your loved one. Things like having a baby, moving your home, or taking a new job, may mean that you need to look at alternative care options, like live-in help, assisted living, or nursing home care. There are resources available to help assist you with that transition.

Eldercare specialists at the Senior Source are well versed in the ins and outs of senior care and can connect you with community resources or a case manager to assist you with your care decisions.

As a caregiver, it’s important to take care of yourself as well. By taking breaks, asking for help, and using available community resources you’ll prevent burnout and be able to provide the best care possible to your loved one.

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