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How Much Does Chandler Assisted Living Cost?

Chandler, Arizona has about a dozen assisted living communities that provide area residents with a variety of lifestyle options that include help with daily living activities such as housekeeping and laundry, grocery shopping and meal preparation, and transportation. Making the right choice is easier when you have all the facts. Here’s an overview of assisted living options in Chandler, which includes approximate costs along with a helpful list of questions to ask and tips on how you can save money on services.

Questions to Ask When Visiting an Assisted Living Facility

Before you visit an assisted living facility, gather your resources and have a checklist handy, so you are prepared before you have a tour. The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) offers suggestions to help guide you through the process in their online brochure Guide to Choosing an Assisted Living Community.

The brochure includes an extensive list of questions to ask and an overview of important features to check out that includes plan costs, amenities, meal plan options, health services, floor plan options, disclosure of agreements and policies, and social activities provided. Some of the questions you should ask during your tour when you visit an assisted living facility include:

Does the community have a nurse on staff? Do apartments feature 24-hour emergency response systems? Are utilities included in the fees? Are special dietary requirements accommodated? Does the facility accept Medicaid for payment of services?

How Much do Assisted Living Services Cost in Chandler?

Genworth compiles and regularly publishes rates for long-term care services across the nation and includes major metropolitan areas within each of the states. Although Chandler is not featured in Arizona’s figures, nearby Phoenix is included in the Cost of Care Survey, which posted median annual rates for assisted living facilities in 2016 to be $41,640 with projected 5-year annual growth rates of about 3% per year. The national median rates in 2016 were slightly higher at $43,539 with projected increases of 2% per year.

How to Make Assisted Living Services More Affordable

Saving money on the costs of assisted living services requires a little ingenuity and creative thinking, but it is possible. Because assisted living care offers such a wide variety of options when it comes to provided levels of service, seniors have a choice and can select only those services that are necessary to help reduce expenses. Whether you receive assisted living services at home or live in a senior community residence that provides assisted living services, doing without amenities that you do not need or use will go a long way to help you save money in the long run.

Options to Pay for Assisted Living Care

Federal government programs such as Medicaid can help you pay for assisted living care. Additional programs administered by the government include Section 8 senior housing and Veterans (VA) Aid & Attendance Pension plans. Long-term care insurance is yet one more way to cover the costs of assisted living services. Other options include selling your home and using the money to help you move into an assisted living community. You can also apply for a reverse mortgage or consider the possibility of having a roommate share expenses with you.

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