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Chandler Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Your golden years can be the most satisfying and productive time of your life. Use your free time to help others and make Chandler a better place.

Volunteering is a way to keep yourself immersed in your community, maintain an active mind, and make new friends. Use your retirement years to give back to the Chandler community and show your appreciation for the valuable services Chandler organizations provide.

Give back to the Schools

The Chandler School District needs dedicated volunteers to help out in many different roles. Work with teachers and students to create a supportive and welcoming educational environment. Pass a background check that includes fingerprinting, be interviewed by the district, and see what you can offer the district.

The Chandler Public Library

The Chandler Public Library needs your help. You need to attend an Adult Volunteer Orientation at the Downtown Library. This is an information sharing session where you’ll see what volunteer opportunities are available. Afterward, you will have the chance to apply for the positions that interest you. If you are chosen to go further in the process, then you will be interviewed and undergo a background check.

The Zoo Needs You

The Phoenix Zoo is one of the best volunteer opportunities for animal lovers. You can contribute your time at special events to make sure they run smoothly and are enjoyed by all. Assist the zoo-keepers in their vital work and learn valuable new skills. There are almost a hundred different roles you can assume at the Zoo to make it the best educational destination possible for visitors.

You need to be comfortable interacting with people from all walks of life, as well as Zoo staff. Of course, you need to pass a background check, and also commit to at least seventy-five volunteer hours a year.

Does Medicine Interest You?

Dignity Health in Chandler is a good place to volunteer if you have an interest in medical care and want to help people who need it.

As a Dignity Health volunteer, you will assist with the care of patients and their families in many different roles. You will benefit from learning important new skills, making new friends and helping people from all walks of life.

As a part of the Dignity Health volunteer team, you’ll get the chance to participate in hospital events and receive awards and recognition for your efforts.

Help Chandler

The City of Chandler always needs dedicated volunteers to help serve the Chandler community.

Help give children the tools they need to succeed in school volunteering with Head Start. Perform a vital role as a Chandler Fire Department volunteer.

The Chandler Police Department has many different roles you can volunteer for such as auxiliary police, administration, and outreach.

Chandler food banks are in need of volunteers to help distribute food to the needy.

Get Out There

Get out there and do your best to give back to Chandler. You’ll reap the benefits in satisfaction and the fulfillment of being a valued member of society.

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