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Chandler Nursing Homes

A nursing home can serve so many purposes other than a final place for the elderly to live. If you haven’t thought much about nursing homes since retirement, you might want to do a little research in case you need long-term care. You might also visit a nursing home after surgery or for therapy, and it’s good to know Chandler is home to places like Archstone Care Center that offers nursing services and rehabilitative services. Brookdale North Chandler and Chandler Healthcare Center also have skilled nursing services as well as a continuum of care so you can age in place.

If you want to learn more about Chandler nursing homes, facility rates, and how to find the best nursing home for your needs, this guide should help.

Quick Facts on Nursing Homes

According to the Administration on Aging's Profile of Older Americans, the CDC Nursing Home FastStats, the AARP Long-Term Care in Arizona, and the CMC Nursing Home Data Compendium,

Seniors aged 65 and over was about 46.2 million in 2014 and is projected to increase to 98 million by 2060.

There were about 1.4 million residents in nursing homes in the year 2014.

13% of Arizona’s population is 65 and older, and about 123,000 are 85 or older.

In 2014, 80% of Arizona’s nursing homes were for-profit, and 17.9 percent were non-profit.

There are 148 facilities in Arizona and four facilities in the Chandler area.

Length of The Average Stay in A Nursing Home

Most older adults can expect to stay an average of three years in a nursing home, but that isn’t the case for every senior. Many factors affect that number such as women living longer than men and the type of illness or condition that put you in the nursing home in the first place.

Nursing homes provide a long-term solution to aging, but there are many instances where short-term care works in a skilled nursing facility. A patient might stay in a nursing home for a little while as a transitional period between the hospital and their home. For example, a senior who has had pneumonia but no other complications might stay in a nursing home for a few weeks to work on their breathing and fully recover and then return home.

There are some residents in nursing homes that are there for respite care and won’t stay for long. Many family caregivers use nursing homes for respite care when they go on vacation, need a break, or must be away from their loved ones for longer than a day or two. These short-term stays also give you a chance to trial run nursing homes, so you have a better idea what it’s like if you need one in the future.

Services in Nursing Homes

While a nursing home might be a step down from a hospital, it still has a lot to offer its residents. Many staff members contribute to the care and services for patients. Certified nursing assistants handle personal care needs like getting dressed, wheelchair transfers, bathing, going to the bathroom and getting in and out of bed. Nurses take care of medical needs including dressing wounds, monitoring medication schedules, checking vital signs, and making sure the patient gets the right therapy.

Therapy is another service in nursing homes, and many patients utilize it, especially those that are working towards going home. Physical therapy is for patients working on their mobility after things like surgery, or a fall and speech therapy can help patients get better at swallowing, talking, or even breathing after a stroke. Occupational therapy is also used to assist patients in getting better at daily tasks. Patients that are in nursing homes long-term might also use hospice care once they near the end of their life. A care team will prepare both the patient and their family for what comes next.

Everyone must eat at a nursing home, so meals are another service provided. Residents might have different dietary needs so they could meet with a nutritionist to outline the proper nutrition. Usually, dining halls and cafeterias are usually where meals are served and help patients socialize with other residents. If you prefer to eat in your room that might be an option as well.

Social activities like arts and crafts, exercise classes, movies, game nights, live entertainment, and even daily outings are common at nursing homes. These activities help senior’s minds stay sharp and engage them with other patients. Spiritual events are also common and include religious services, holiday celebrations, and Bible and prayer groups.

There might be a few other amenities like salon services or nail services to help residents feel and look their best. This is also an enjoyable way to freshen up if patients are expecting a visitor.

Chandler Nursing Home Costs

Chandler is part of the major Phoenix area, and the cost of nursing homes in this part of Arizona is affordable compared to places like Tucson. The monthly cost for a semi-private room in the Phoenix area is around $6,296 while a private room costs $7,969 per month. The cost in Tucson goes up to $6,920 and $8,310 per month. Overall, the annual cost for a semi-private room in the Phoenix area is $75,555, and a private room is $95,630.

The location of the facility, it’s size, and how long you stay will all factor into the cost. If you’re a Medicaid patient and use an approved facility, the cost will be the agreed upon rate. If you aren’t Medicaid approved but still low-income, some non-profits might be willing to work with you on the price.

Searching for The Right Nursing Home

Finding a nursing home might feel like a big undertaking, and if you’re on a short timeline, it could feel impossible. Ask for help from friends and family or use a senior advisor to help you with research. Choose a place that has a good inspection record, a proper license, and a history of responding to complaints in a timely manner.

If you do have time, visit each place and look for an adequate staff to resident ratio, watch how the staff interacts with residents, and inspect the cleanliness of the facility. You can also talk to current residents and eat a meal in the cafeteria. The Arizona Health Care Association has some great resources for looking for nursing homes and meeting long-term care needs.

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