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Getting regular checkups is a vital component of any health routine for long-term health. As we get older your health needs change, and you have to make sure that your primary care physician is competent to handle theses changes.

Advancing age brings increasingly complex medical issues, including chronic conditions, joint deterioration, and worsening eyesight. The doctor that effectively monitored your health in middle age is not necessarily the best medical professional for your needs after age 65.

A geriatrician will be familiar with the medical issues related to advanced age.

Changing doctors can seem overly complicated; people prefer to stay with situations they’re familiar with. Fortunately for Chandler seniors, there are wonderful choices for quality elder medical care conveniently available.

Chandler Medical Facilities for Seniors

US News and World Report provides a handy ranking list of hospitals nationwide, including Chandler Regional Medical Center.

Chandler Regional Medical Center is rated high performing for 2 adult procedures:

Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Heart failure

It’s great to know that Chandler Regional Medical Center is so highly rated by US News and World Report for treating 2 conditions typically associated with advanced age.

The cancer clinic at Chandler Regional Medical Center offers all-in-one cancer care located in both Chandler and Gilbert. Patients are provided with a nurse navigator for personalized attention as they proceed with treatment.

The nurse navigator will:

Contact the patient or caregiver to collect a medical history

Be there for your first appointment to greet the patient and put him or her at ease

Help walk the patient through their plan of care and explain their next steps

Oncology Specialists

Chandler Regional Medical Center in partnership with Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers has oncology specialists meet before each patient’s first appointment to review tumor records and their medical history.

Different cancer specialists meet to discuss each patient’s diagnosis:

Specialized surgeons

Radiation oncologists

Medical oncologists

Nurse practitioner

At Chandler Regional Medical Center they treat the whole patient with access to various lifestyle counselors and therapists:

Certified social worker

Financial counseling

Nutritional counselor

Genetic counselor

Physical and occupational therapists

Chandler Regional Medical Center has received many awards for high-quality care. They received the Best in Sepsis Award and the Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award in 2016.

In 2015, Chandler Regional Medical Center was verified as a level 1 trauma center by the American College of Surgeons and awarded the Arizona Perinatal Trust Recertification for Level 2 Nursery.

How do You Locate a Geriatrician in Chandler?

Researching and choosing a physician or a hospital for geriatric care can be a long process that is difficult even to begin.

There are online resources that you can use to make it easier.

US News and World Report has their doctor finder, and it can help you quickly find a geriatric physician near you.

You can also visit, here is the link to their search tool.

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