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Chandler Funeral Homes

A dignified funeral can be an overwhelming event to plan for. Adding to the difficulty is the experience of grief and the innumerable details related to the deceased’s estate.

Planning a funeral is something that should be done from a position of familiarity with the details of the process. You need to know the rights you have and the requirements the funeral service provider has to fulfill.

Chandler, Arizona residents need to learn how to choose a good funeral home, and the resources they have available to make the best choice in funeral service.

Chandler Consumer Rights

There are laws and regulations that protect Chandler consumers of funeral services. According to the Federal Trade Commission, you don’t have to purchase a funeral package to choose certain options you desire. The law states that the funeral home must allow you to assemble your own options into a package that works for you.

Arizona state law makes funeral services providers show consumers a list of all the sums they charge for funeral products and services.

The Casket or Urn

You have the right to pick the container you want for a cremation. You are not required to use a casket from the funeral home, or any casket at all.

Casket or Urn Provider

You may purchase a casket or urn from any supplier that provides what you want. The funeral home is required to use the casket or urn of your choice regardless of who provided it.

Embalming the Body

There is no requirement that the body be embalmed. The funeral home requires explicit permission to embalm the deceased. As long as the body is kept refrigerated, state law is satisfied.

Chandler Residents Can Use an Online Tool

Chandler residents can use the online funeral planning tool on the Dignity Memorial Funeral Network website. Use this online tool to plan a funeral or just to get a good idea of everything that is involved.

How Mesa residents can find a Good Funeral Home

Use convenient online resources to find quality funeral service providers in the Mesa area. The Better Business Bureau is a good place to begin searching. Visit the BBB website to find accredited funeral homes in your area.

Use the Arizona Board of Funeral Directors & Embalmers website to find licensed funeral homes near you and check their professional status.

Speak to friends that have used local funeral homes and find out what they experienced. Use online reviews to get an idea of the quality of funeral service a funeral parlor provides.

Pre-planning Will Save You Money

Pre-planning the funeral of a loved one is in no way morose. If all the details of the funeral have been arranged, and if the costs have been calculated in advance, you won’t suffer from the unexpected.

Why try to take care of every detail related to a death all at once? With pre-planning, estate, and funeral issues can proceed according to an established plan, while you get on with memorializing your loved one.

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