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Chandler Family Caregiver Benefits

It isn’t easy to provide care for an elderly loved one but more and more family members are doing just that. As the population ages, the need for caregivers has grown and so have services that help caregivers out with their job. You don’t have to feel guilty if you need extra help or need to take a break. Taking time for yourself will make you a better caregiver, and there are plenty of options to choose from in Chandler.

The Alzheimer’s Association Central Arizona Chapter

The Central Arizona Chapter serves three counties within central Arizona including Maricopa County. They provide services that make caring for Alzheimer’s easier and there are plenty of services for caregivers. Alzheimer’s can be difficult to handle but with these supportive services, it can be a little easier.

If you feel like you’re all alone, a support group might be a good idea. These groups meet weekly to share advice, encouragement, and experience and they can help any caregiver feel less alone. There is one support group that meets in Chandler, but there are groups that meet in surrounding cities. If you can’t make it to a meeting in person, you can always join an online support group through ALZConnected.

Expression is a program that is unique to Arizona caregivers and patients. Through different types of artwork, caregivers, and Alzheimer’s patients can express their emotions, tell their story, and connect with others who are going through the same thing. You can see paintings, photos, poems, and more on their website.

If you are new to caregiving or need some help getting through a difficult patch, educational courses could help you out. Central Arizona has an extensive list of educational courses that can assist you with everything from the basics of the disease and caregiving to healthy living tips. Check the calendar to find upcoming classes and to find a location near you.

Chandler Area Agency On Aging

Region One services as the area agency on aging for all of Maricopa County and it is a great resource for local caregivers. They have a guide to all different elder resources in the area as well as locations for caregiver resource zones in the neighborhood. You can also find support groups for various types of caregivers, like those taking care of someone with cancer. Their helpline is open 24-hours so you can call (602) 264-4357 whenever you have a question.

Phoenix VA Health System Caregiver Support

If your loved one is a veteran, then you can use the caregiver support programs offered through the Phoenix VA health system. While the health center may be in Phoenix, you can still access services in your neighborhood. Caregiver support can include:

The national hotline which can help with any problem or question you might have

Peer support groups if you’re new to caregiving and want to learn from other caregivers

Telehealth system if your loved one can’t leave the house but still needs medical care

In-home health care like a homemaker or a home health aide

Adult day care services or respite care if you need a break

Hospice care

Caregiver Support Coordinator who can assess your needs and find the programs that fit those needs.

If you want to learn more about these services, call the Phoenix Caregivers Coordinator at (602) 277-5551.

Arizona Family Caregiver Support Program

Another great benefit for caregivers is the Family Caregiver Support Program. This program is federally funded and run by your local area agency on aging. It can provide assistance to caregivers in various forms like transportation to appointments, respite care, meal delivery, and other supplemental services. You do have to meet eligibility requirements; so to find out if you qualify and what services you can use, call the Region One area agency on aging.

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