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Chandler Estate Sales

You may not realize how tough it is to deal with your family members’ possessions until they die or move. You and other relatives may not agree about what to do with stuff that holds emotional value. Also, when there are a lot of belongings, the problems may increase.

According to a Los Angeles Times article from 2014, the average household in America has around 300,000 items. If your family member liked to save things “just in case” or was a hoarder, this number will be even higher. When there is simply too much to wade through, a reputable estate sale professional can help. When you do not know the values of items, estate sale experts can be especially useful. You just take what you want, and the liquidators will handle the rest.

Get Assistance Before, During, and After Your Estate Sale

Estate sale experts have the experience to price items quickly at an amount that will help you get as much money as possible. Lythcoop Estate Liquidators goes into the complete process online. Liquidators begin by walking through your house and performing an appraisal. They then price the possessions worth selling. Certified appraisers work for most estate sale teams. Also, they will know what Chandler consumers are searching for and what they will pay.

A few of the tasks performed by the estate sale staff include cleaning and arranging sale items, hosting sale previews, and advertising the sale. Estate liquidators usually have before and after photos of their work that will give you an idea of what they do.

Estate sale experts auction off some things, offer security, handle transactions, and assist consumers on the day of the sale. You can be there for the sale, or you may choose to be elsewhere.

The estate sale pros can recommend Chandler nonprofits who will remove any unsold items. Also, within a few days after the sale, they will cut you a check for the proceeds (minus their commission). The sales info will be shared with the executor of your loved one’s will.

Are Estate Sale Pros Affordable?

To see if there is anything worth selling, an estate sale expert will first take a thorough look at the contents of the home. This usually comes with an hourly fee, yet some liquidators do this without a charge. The cost for the entire sale will vary based on how cluttered the house is, if it needs to be cleaned before the sale, and based on the company. You can expect to pay at least a third of the sale’s total proceeds to the estate sale professional.

Where to Find Estate Professionals in Chandler

There are over a dozen BBB-accredited estate sale pros in Greater Phoenix listed on the Better Business Bureau of Central, Northern and Western Arizona website. Pick American Society of Appraisers and International Society of Appraisers certified experts. Also, be sure to ask for references, check online reviews, and interview several professionals before deciding on one. Lastly, get everything in writing, such as the fees, the process, and the timeline for the sale.

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