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Medicaid in Buffalo

There are quite a few people in New York who believe the common misconception that Medicare will cover all of their long-term needs in regard to medical care. However, this is not true. In fact, there are many seniors who learn the hard way that Medicare is not capable of paying for their long-term costs or needs. This is when Medicaid, which is a jointly funded program by the state and federal government can come in. It provides coverage that a senior can rely on for their long-term care.

What requirements must be met to receive Medicaid in Buffalo?

In order to be qualified for Medicaid insurance in Buffalo, a senior has to be over the age of 65 and prove that their income is below a certain, set level. They must also prove that they have not had excessive assets for the previous five years. This is referred to as the “look-back” period and one that many people try to overcome by transferring or giving away assets. However, the government has the ability to find prior assets that would cause a person to become disqualified for coverage. When determining a seniors net worth, money in IRAs, their home and vehicle is not factored in.

Help for applying for Medicaid in Buffalo

There are many seniors who may find they need help filling out or even understanding the application for Medicaid benefits. If this is the case, there are several sources of assistance available. One thing that a senior can do is to visit or to contact the New York department of Health. They can be reached at 855-355-5777. There are a number of other resources in the area that can provide assistance as well. These include:

Managed Care Organization The Medicaid Helpline at 800-541-2831 Navigators and Certified Application Counselors Local District for Social Services [email protected] Those who want on the phone help can dial 711.

What is Covered for Buffalo Seniors who receive Medicaid?

When approved for Medicaid coverage, there are a number of services that will be covered for a senior. The fact is, this coverage is designed to help a senior de-stress and minimize the worry of how they are going to cover their prescriptions or doctor’s visits. Some of the specific services that are covered for Buffalo seniors who are approved for Medicaid include:

At home services and care Hospitalization Respite care Dental care Doctor’s appointments Rehabilitation Prescription drugs Assisted living and nursing home care Transportation services offered by Medicaid in Buffalo

When a senior needs help to get from place to place, it can become taxing for family members. However, Medicaid offers transportation services to help ensure that a senior is able to get where they need to go – for no out-of-pocket costs. Some information about these transportation services can be found by contacting the Area Agency on Aging and the New York State Transportation Federation. Taking some time to get to know the options can help ensure that transportation is available for seniors who need it.

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