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How Much Do Buffalo Nursing Homes Cost?

People all across the nation are getting older. The fact is, about 18.5 percent of the population in the United States is over the age of 60. Just 10 years ago, only about 16.3 percent of the population was over the age of 60, which indicates a definite upward trend. By the time 2020 arrives, it is estimated that 22.2 percent of people in the U.S. will be over 60 and this number will reach 25 percent by the year 2050.

According to statistics, Buffalo is considered the third oldest city in the United States. This means that more and more people are going to be searching for nursing home care in the future.

Facts about Nursing Homes in Buffalo

There are a total of 50 nursing homes in the metropolitan area of Buffalo.

It is estimated that as many as 70 percent of all seniors will need long-term care at some point.

Buffalo, which is in west New York, is considered one of the highest regions in terms of cost for nursing home care.

The Cost of Care in Nursing Homes in Buffalo

The average cost for a private room in a nursing home in Buffalo is $280.60. For a semi-private room the cost is $246.20 (on average) per day. This cost can fluctuate based on the amount of care that is needed, the actual location of the nursing home and what amenities are offered. It is important to note that these are just average costs and there are locations that cost more or less than the average. Take some time to determine a budget to see what can realistically be paid for nursing home care.

Finding the Right Location for Your Aging Loved One

There are quite a few people who choose Buffalo for retirement due to its close proximity to Niagara Falls. However, this is not all this city has to offer. A number of other factors many seniors find appealing is the many garden tours, green spaces, parks and natural locations. When it comes to nursing care locations, there are more than a few to choose from in Buffalo, which is why it is easier than ever before to get the care that is needed.

The fact is, the modern nursing home is quite different than options that were available in the past. For example, there are some that offer on-site beauty salons, that have pet friendly accommodations, and that even plan out various activities and outings for residents. This makes the nursing homes available quite appealing to seniors, as well as their families who are looking for a quality and affordable place to live.

Paying for Nursing Home Care in Buffalo

One of the biggest problems with seeking nursing home care is paying for it. The high costs of this care cause many families to experience financial strain. A family can expect to pay anywhere from $1500 to $5000 per month, based on the facility selected.

If a family finds that the costs are too high, they should use one of the methods of assistance to pay for this that are highlighted here. The fact is that many people struggle with this, which is why it is so important to take advantage of the help that is available.

Medicaid- In some cases, a senior in Buffalo will be able to qualify for Medicaid assistance. While nursing home care is not always covered by Medicaid, there are often waivers that can be used to help offset some of the associated costs. However, if a person does qualify for this care, the costs of their long-term care are often covered in full.

Veteran’s Benefits- People who are veterans, and their spouses, can benefit from funds and assistance from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Eligibility for this vary but the benefits that are provided can be quite significant. It is a good idea to speak with a professional to determine a person’s qualification.

Long-term Care Insurance- If a senior has long-term care insurance, then the coverage can be used to pay for the nursing home facility that has been chosen. It is important to purchase this policy long before it is actually going to be needed in order to be able to use it for care.

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