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Buffalo Senior Movers and Downsizers

Seniors that want or need to downsize often have a hard time letting go of precious memories that were built around their homes and families. At every turn, their possessions have links to important events in their lives. Collectively, these items define who seniors are as people and paint a picture of the rich lives they’ve lived. Seniors don’t need to be classified as hoarders to have too much stuff. Downsizing in their current homes or scaling back and moving to a smaller home can make it easier for them to manage life independently, as age slows them down. Most seniors find that they are happier in a more functional space, once the decluttering process is complete.

Why Use a Senior Mover?

Whether the senior needs to declutter and downsize because of a sudden health crisis or because aging issues are looming, senior movers are experts at helping. Senior movers can help with creating a floor plan for the new space and helping to decide which furniture pieces will fit well within the space. Senior moving coordinators have efficient processes for helping seniors sort items to be saved, donated, sold, giving away, or discarded. Many senior movers go beyond organizing and packing up and include services for helping unpack and put things away in the new space.

Senior Movers Have Important Networks

One of the things that makes moving and downsizing so daunting is deciding what to do with everything that seniors can’t take with them. Senior movers have contacts, affiliates, resources, and connections with other businesses that have expertise in other areas. Senior movers help with referrals for recycling, resale, estate sales, auctions, antique sellers, collectors, appraisers, consignment shops and more. They also have the time and the means to follow through and make sure that the senior gets compensated for items of value. Senior movers will also make sure that items with little or no value are disposed of properly.

Senior Movers and Downsizers in Buffalo

Rapid Moving & Storage moves seniors locally or out of state. Movers will declutter the home prior to the move and recycle or donate items for the senior. Their packages include storing items in a secure facility. The service is equipped to move large, heavy items such as appliances and pianos. Movers supply boxes, tape, labels, pads, and other packing materials for the move. Expert movers show seniors and their families how to safely pack boxes.

Good & Fair Carting & Moving Co., Inc. has a staff of over 35 people and a fleet of over 20 fully equipped moving vans. The service offers Mi-Box, a storage container that sits on the senior’s property as they pack items up to be moved at a later time.

Home Solutions is an organizing business that offers help with downsizing and senior move management. The service has connections with movers, decluttering services, cleaning companies, estate sale companies, consignment shops, antique dealers, and liquidators. Objective organizers are sensitive to the emotional changes for seniors as they go through the difficult process of letting go.

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