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Buffalo Concierge Services

In decades’ past, many city apartment buildings had an on-site concierge service that was located on the basement floor of a multiple unit dwelling. The concierge monitored those who came and went, kept the building secure, and tended to building repairs and the complaints of the occupants. Such services have long been replaced by homeowner associations and property management companies. Many seniors require a bit more assistance than what current property managers provide. Concierge services make a big difference for seniors who need help and their families can’t meet the need. Here are some concierge services to check out in Buffalo.

Sterling Concierge Services provides help for individuals who need services that save them time and help them alleviate the stress of having too much to do. The service offers home maintenance services, taking care of plants, setting up computers, personal shopping, travel or entertainment arrangements, elder hospitality, help with holiday projects, running errands, pet services, relocation services, and more.

Magic Assistants provides personal assistants that develop a relationship with the client so they feel safe. Personal assistants will run errands, help with finances and bill paying, provide meal servers, do housecleaning, do personal shopping, and organize spaces.

Errand Baron handles all kinds of tasks and errands. The service is licensed and bonded. Senior services include grocery shopping, non-medical assistance, meal delivery, friendship check-ins, pharmacy assistance, pet services, laundry and dry cleaning services, vacation help, packing and moving, garage clean up, gift shopping, merchandise exchanges and returns, holiday decorating, and much more.

Grocery Express does your shopping for you at stores like Wegman’s, Tops, Dash’s, and Walmart. Seniors can shop online at their favorite stores and place the order online. They will receive a confirmation email and have their groceries and other items delivered right to their door. The service is open every day, except for Sunday.

Dash’s Market employs in-store experts to pick the best quality produce, meats, and grocery items. Seniors can set up an account and shop online weekly. Shoppers have the choice of ordering online and picking up their order in person between selected times. The store will also make deliveries right to the customer’s door.

Park ‘N’ Bark is a mobile pet grooming service. The mobile pet service brings all of the pet care services right to the senior’s door. Seniors can arrange for pet baths, pet grooming, nail trimming, ear cleaning, conditioning, de-shedding, and brushing.

Lauren’s Lavish Pooches is another full service mobile pet grooming service that serves the Buffalo area. Groomers do a pet consultation, massage, odor neutralizing, breath freshening, nail trimming, ear cleaning, trimming paw pads, cutting and styling, and other services.

In addition to pet services, grocery services, and general errand services, seniors can find additional home maintenance and repair services, landscaping and gardening services, organizational and decluttering services, and more.

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