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Social Security for Baltimore Seniors

Retired men and women looking to apply for monetary benefits may do so through the social security office. Social security and disability are two options senior citizens have when it comes to earning an income after retirement. The application process can get started in person at one of the many Baltimore locations, or via the online website.

Baltimore Social Security Offices

Numerous social security offices provide services in Baltimore. They are as follows:

The Social Security Office at 1010 Park Ave #200

The Baltimore Social Security Office at 711 W 40th St #415

The Social Security Department at 6100A Wabash Ave

The Social Security Administration at 2401 Belair Rd #106

The U.S. Social Security Administration at 6820 Hospital Dr #100

With multiples offices spread across the city, there is a place close enough for everyone to receive assistance in person.

Many people prefer to call before heading inside to do business. The toll-free number is (800) 772-1213. Speak to a representative regarding any information you desire to find out what documents you need to make the process faster.

Senior Services Pertaining to Social Security

An agent may offer group sessions to provide information about social security and why it is important for all seniors to apply. Assisted living communities often utilize this service to ensure all residents are acutely aware of the benefits social security can bring. The speaker must be requested at least 30 days in advance so it can get added to the schedule.

The Ticket to Work Program is intended to allow semi-able men and women to work regularly while still receiving their social security benefits. Anyone younger than age 65 may participate free of cost. Employment opportunities are discussed at length, ensuring each person gets matched with job duties that do not interfere with their disabilities. You can reach the ticket-to-work helpline at 1-866-968-7842, if you wish to speak to someone about the opportunity or you can ask about it in person.

Online Tools for Social Security

The online website belonging to the Social Security Administration includes many services and activities. It is best for anyone hoping to utilize the services first to create an account. The “my Social Security” account provides access to statements and benefit information and also allows users to change their address. You sign up by providing an email address, U.S. mailing address, and social security number.

Even without signing up, any computer user may utilize the services available online. All appropriate forms are listed online, along with applications to apply for disability and retirement. Requesting a change of address or a new social security card can also be completed online. The site is easy to use so even the least tech-savvy people have an easy time finding the option they need.

Social security is crucial for seniors. Having multiple offices in Baltimore, along with an online forum, allows all seniors to locate the information they need regarding their benefits.

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