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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Baltimore

There are many things that change in the course of our work lives; we become more competent, we help teach newer employees, and we sometimes become leaders in our trade. Unfortunately, we also get older. Older employees who become unemployed can be at a marked disadvantage when looking for a new job.

According to a study by AARP, unemployed individuals over the age of 55 will have a harder time finding a new job, and when they do find work, it will be lower paid and provide fewer hours.

While it is difficult for mature people to find new jobs, it isn’t impossible. You need to use a different approach, and learn to utilize all the resources that are available to the mature unemployed.

Read further to learn about some of the resources that are available to the unemployed senior in the Baltimore area. With some diligent effort and the right help, you can get back on your feet.

Job Search Resources for Baltimore Seniors

Maryland American Job Centers provide a full range of assistance to residents of Baltimore and the rest of Maryland. These centers are a part of the Maryland Jobs Now network of organizations that invest in services, initiatives, and training dedicated to helping the unemployed and local businesses to succeed together.

Senior job seekers who take advantage of this program will be provided with career exploration assistance, valuable referrals to training programs, and great workshops to better your job-search skills. You’ll be given internet access, use of printers and other office equipment, and a range of job search materials.

There is Paid Job Training for Baltimore Seniors

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) gives low-income and unemployed Baltimore seniors assistance in finding rewarding work. Program participants will receive up to 20 hours per week of paid, on-the-job training. You can be placed in a variety of interesting work environments, like non-profit groups, state/federal agencies, local schools, and even senior centers.

The SCSEP will provide participants with a career assessment, a job training roadmap, and tutoring where it is required. The goal of SCSEP is to have job-searchers gainfully employed outside of the program within two years.

More Options for Baltimore Seniors

American Job Centers in Randallstown (Liberty), Hunt Valley, and Eastpoint will provide mature job-seekers with an array of job-search resources that can speed you into a new job. Take advantage of your own workspace, enjoy access to modern office equipment, and utilize the internet in your efforts to obtain a new job.

At the Center, you can use the Maryland Workforce Exchange, which is a powerful and comprehensive job search and career development tool. It features an enormous database holding thousands of local and regional job listings.

Work for Yourself

Consider going at it alone! Instead of relying on someone else to provide you with an income, create a business that will provide you with income and personal satisfaction. Find a service that you can provide or a product that you can create, and make your own way.

Whatever you decide, there are many options available that will get you back to work with a minimum of stress, and a maximum of satisfaction.

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