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Medicaid in Baltimore

Seniors struggling to pay for their medical care should look into Medicaid. The state-funded insurance option pays for care that low-income seniors cannot pay on their own. Baltimore has many resources that help you find the information you need regarding Medicaid and the benefits it provides.

Qualifying for Maryland Medicaid

Any Maryland residents who do not have insurance through an employer may apply for Medicaid. Seniors who surpass the age of 65 can get the help they need paying for medical expenses through this insurance option. The income level for an individual applicant is $16,394.

Getting Assistance With the Medicaid Application and Future Claims

Multiple locations exist that assist with applications and claims. Three main offices fill the Baltimore area, including:

Baltimore City - 201 E. Baltimore St., 15th floor

Baltimore County - 523 Main St., Reisterstown

Anne Arundel County - 8159A Ritchie Highway, Pasadena

The Baltimore City Office opens at 8:30 am and closes at 4:30 pm. You may head in on these hours between Monday and Friday. The other offices open at 10 am and close at 6 p.m. They also provide help between Monday and Friday, although they offer a few hours of service on Saturday as well, from 9 am to 1 pm.

Additional in-person assistance occurs at various locations throughout the city. A few bilingual options help both Spanish and English-speaking seniors:

HealthCare Access Maryland - 523 Main Street Reisterstown

HealthCare Access Maryland - 201 East Baltimore Street 15th Floor    

The Moore Clinic at Johns Hopkins - 1800 Orleans Street   

Call 410-500-4710 to speak with someone regarding any of these options. You may also call the Maryland Health Connection Center at 1-855-642-8572, or visit Maryland Health Connection to apply online.

Senior Services Covered By Maryland Medicaid

You get regular Medicaid coverage no matter what age you are. The standard services include doctor visits, hospital stays, prescriptions, lab work, and x-rays. Adult day services, hospice care, and in-home caregiving options may also apply to seniors in need.

Not all nursing homes accept Medicaid. Before choosing a nursing home option, you must see if they make the list of Medicaid-accepting facilities in the area. Many options exist in Baltimore, including numerous for-profit corporations.

Getting Assistance With Medical Appointment Transportation

A Medical Assistance Transportation Grant Program provides transportation to any patients in need of a ride to and from their appointments. You can head to the Baltimore County Health Department to discuss transportation needs. Its location is 6401 York Road, on the third floor. You can also call 410-887-2828 to speak to a provider.

The state provides the program as a last resort option. Patients who cannot find any other means of transportation can utilize the service. A doctor’s note must get sent in so the person can prove he is unable to drive or use public transportation due to a serious health condition. Without a signed letter from a doctor, this service is unavailable to patients. You can fax or mail in the form, or bring it in person to the health department.

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