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How Much Does Baltimore In-Home Care Cost?

Ideally, we would all be able to age where we’re most comfortable. For the vast majority of people, that place is home. The stress and emotional turmoil of leaving the home you’ve lived decades of your life can be an overwhelming prospect for seniors.

Highlighting this fact is a survey by AARP of senior attitudes. The survey demonstrated that 71% of seniors from aged 50 to 64 would prefer to pass their old age living at home.

When you look at the responses from seniors over the age of 65, the numbers are even starker; almost 90% of seniors in that age group express a desire to pass their old age at home.

Baltimore seniors who want to age in place are lucky to have many options for in-home care that will keep them at home and enjoy a high quality of life.

Read on to find out interesting facts about in-home care, what care is available, how to decide how much care you need, and ways you can pay for it.

Facts about Baltimore In-Home Care

Baltimore seniors can choose from over 30 different care providers in and near Baltimore.


All in-home care providers in Baltimore must be certified and licensed by the Maryland State Department of Health.

There are close to one million people working as home health aides in the United States.

Out of that number, there are almost 10,000 home health aides working in Maryland.

Low-income, Baltimore seniors who qualify can receive state provided assistance to pay for in-home care through Maryland Medicaid.

The average wage of a U.S. home health aide is about $22,000 per year.

Rates for Homemaker Services in Baltimore

Homemaker service in Baltimore will cost about $3,800 per month or $125 per day on average and will provide you with certain essential help with routine daily activities.

Homemaker service differs from home health aide service in the level of medical care that you can expect to receive. Homemaker service is focused on helping seniors with critical daily tasks.

A homemaker service will provide you with someone who will assist you with a range of daily tasks and activities:

Homemaker service will help you with light housekeeping.

You’ll have assistance with meals and meal preparation.

You can be helped with grooming and bathing.

Seniors using homemaker service enjoy valuable daily social contact.

Rates for Home Health Aides in Baltimore

Home health aide service in Baltimore is slightly more expensive than homemaker service and provides not only assistance with many daily activities, but critical medical care as well.

A home health aide will cost an average of $135 per day/ $3900 per month on average.

The non-medical task that a home health aide will provide includes light housekeeping, meal preparation and eating assistance, and help caring for houseplants and pets as needed.

Medically, a home health aide will conduct pulse and blood pressure checks, check and change wound dressings, and ensure that medications are taken on schedule.

Home health aides in Maryland must pass stringent education, experience, and training requirements. All home health aides in Maryland must pass a thorough criminal background checks before they can work in someone’s home.

How Much In-Home Help Do You Need?

The amount of in-home care that a senior needs is unique to that individual and agencies are usually very flexible in tailoring a schedule to your exact needs.

If you have family members that provide regular assistance in your home, consider using respite care to give that person a break, or cover for them when they’re unavailable. Respite care is also a good way to “test” an agency you’re considering using. Arranging for anything from a few hours to a few days at a time, respite care can give you an idea of what to expect from home health aide care.

The next level of in-home care is part-time care. If you have a high degree of independence or other arrangements that provide you with help most of the time, then part-time care is a good way to plug up the gaps in care.

As we age, our abilities decline. Agencies can provide full-time and even 24/7 home health aide care for seniors who want to stay at home, but require a high level of regular care.

Choosing Your Baltimore In-Home Care Provides 

Using online search, finding the right in-home care provider can be a stress-free process. You’ll quickly assemble a list of in-home care providers that service your area and easily research any number of reviews from current and past consumers of these services.

Of course, you should also speak with people who have used an agency that you’re considering, and ask friends and family what the experience has taught them to look out for.

Decide whether you even want to use an agency; you can save a lot of money by hiring a home health aide directly. This will entail being responsible for making payroll, withholding taxes, dealing with days off, holidays, and substitute staff for days your regular employee isn’t available.

Furthermore, if you decide to hire someone directly, you’ll be responsible for conducting important background checks into education and the presence of a criminal record.

Paying For Baltimore In-Home Care

The most important concern when contracting for in-home care of any sort is cost. While in-home care is cheaper than residing in a nursing home, it still costs a substantial amount. How will you pay for it?

Senior homeowners can use the regular monthly income from a reverse mortgage to defray the costs of in-home care.

When you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires regular assistance with daily activities, pre-existing long-term care insurance can cover the costs of care.

Low-income seniors can apply for Medicaid benefits to cover the costs of in-home care.

Finally, U.S. combat veterans can see if they qualify for the VA Aid & Attendance pension which they can use to pay the costs of in-home care.

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