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Caregiving in Baltimore, MD

Caring for someone else is hard work and can be more exhausting than any other full-time job. There are times you will be tested both physically and emotionally. You will need to take a break, whether it’s an hour or a few days, to renew your energy and avoid burnout.

There are respite care options available in Baltimore to help you take a much-needed break. There are also services to help you maximize your time. Private agencies, support groups, and other organizations offer ample reprieve in Baltimore. Here is some information to help you find that break you need and deserve.

You deserve a break either big or small

You need to care for your health, and full-time caregiving can give you burnout and drain your energy. If you are too worn out, you will not be able to execute your care duties the way you hope to. Here are some services available to assist you and help you get a break or get more time back in your day.

Concierge service takes care of your chores that take up your time and energy, like grocery shopping and errand running. With more time in your day, you will relieve the stress of leaving your loved one alone while you run these errands.

2nd Family is a customized concierge service that focuses on the needs of the elderly. For a monthly rate, they will assist you with a variety of chores such as housekeeping, transportation, companionship, and assistance with personal hygiene. If you prefer to do your shopping, Amazon Prime Now is another option that delivers products directly to your door in two days. Membership costs $99 a year and includes shipping, so you will not have to pay an additional charge for shipping with your orders.

Adult day programs are a great option if you need care while you work or if you want your loved one to get out of the house during the week. These programs are state-licensed and offer seniors meals, snacks, exercise options, personal attention, social activities, and more. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s or Dementia, there are specialized care facilities. For seniors who receive VA or Medicaid benefits, search for centers approved by these programs that will reimburse for care. The 2016 daily median cost for adult day program was $80 a day in Baltimore.

If your loved one is not able to leave home, in-home respite care is a great option and will relieve the stress of transportation to and from a daycare facility. Options for Senior America is a SeniorAdvisor Best of Home Care award winner and gives you home care options. You can also work directly with an agency to hire a home health aide or homemaker that matches your loved one’s health needs to come directly to your home to provide care and assistance. The agency will also guide you with care management when your loved one needs additional services. The average daily cost for these services was around $130 in Baltimore.

After a hospital stay or if you are unavailable to provide care for a while, you can check out short-term stays at a skilled nursing facility. Several facilities provide short-term nursing care in Baltimore, including Good Samaritan Nursing Center and North Oaks Retirement Community. The average daily cost for assisted living was $111, and the cost of a private room in a nursing home averaged $352 daily in Baltimore.

You don’t have to spend lots of time searching for the right respite care and services. Baltimore City Health Department offers senior initiatives and services that will aid you when looking for the right program for your loved one. They provide services such senior home care, a senior companion program, home delivered meals, senior centers, and more resources. You can also look for information on senior care facilities on, where you will also find reviews on these services.

Supporting the caregiver

You can get a lot of valuable advice from someone who is also a caregiver or been through what you are going through in your life. Caregiver support groups are a great place to meet others that understand and could mentor you when you need suggestions or just someone to lend their ear. Below are a few caregiver groups and listings to help you find the one that best matches your needs in the Baltimore-area.

Baltimore County offers a caregiver support group along with consultations, reference material, community outreach programs, and other educational events.

Comfort Finders has a comprehensive list of area support groups in Baltimore, including contact information for Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society, National Kidney Foundation, COPD, and many other organizations that offer local support groups.

Passing the care torch

You may not always be able to provide care, whether you are moving, you can’t physically do it anymore, or your loved one’s needs have changed. There are several care options you can consider that will give your loved one the care and attention they deserve. Discuss these options with your family members and work together to find the best solution. Turning the responsibility over to someone else may be very emotional for you, so be sure you are not making the decision alone.

To view all the nursing home, retirement communities, assisted living, and other care options, Baltimore County put together a search so you can find communities easily. If you need an expert professional to help you placed your loved one in the right care, Care Patrol offers senior advisors free of charge. They will work with you and your family to determine the best care choice for your loved one. They will assess care level, financial status, and location preference to determine the best and safest option.

Be sure to take advantage of all this available help. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional assistance from family and friends. Take care of yourself. You don’t have to do this alone with all these services available. You deserve good care, too.

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