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Baltimore Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Retirement is considered a time of life when you step back from productive life and enjoy relaxing for the duration of your golden years. However, is an endless afternoon round of tea or golf the way you want to spend the next couple of decades?

Baltimore seniors can make retirement the most enriching and productive years of their life by volunteering. Use volunteering as an opportunity to learn new things, pursue a new career, and give back to the community that has given you so much.

Continue reading to learn how volunteering in Baltimore will make your retirement the time of your life.

Volunteer Opportunities for Bookworms

The Baltimore County Library is the place to be for book-loving Baltimore seniors. Volunteers are always needed to assist at the front desk, checking out books, handing out new library cards, and helping visitors find the resources they need.

Seniors who enjoy interacting with young children are always welcome to help conduct storytime and share special activities with young visitors. For seniors who want to learn the basics of library science, volunteers are an essential part of keeping reference materials in order and replacing returned books and periodicals.

You can also help your fellow seniors learn the basics of computer and internet use. Volunteer to teach visitors how to use a word processor, internet search, and making the most of email.

Help the Teachers

The Baltimore County Public Schools are appreciative of any volunteer help they can get. Make a difference in a student’s school career by offering your help as a tutor for any subject you feel best qualified to teach.

Volunteers can provide valuable teacher assistance in the classroom as aides. Your help will give a teacher the extra time to create great lessons that will prepare students for the future.

The cafeteria also needs volunteers in the kitchen and as lunchroom monitors to make sure that mealtime is a happy relaxing time for students.

Make a Difference for Animals

Volunteer at the Maryland SPCA to help the most helpless members of our society, shelter animals. The Maryland SPCA works with limited resources to help abandoned and abused animals throughout Maryland to find a better life.

The SPCA needs volunteers to help groom and socialize companion animals in preparation for adoption into new homes. Fundraising efforts have a limitless need for dedicated volunteers to find more funds to support the SPCA in its core mission.

SPCA shelters need people willing to help feed and exercise companion animals, and also to guide visitors who wish to adopt a shelter pet. You may even find a new furry friend to keep you company at home!

The Maryland SPCA is the place for seniors who need to help the helpless pets who haven’t been lucky enough to find a forever home yet.

Find the Right Opportunity for You

Use this article as a starting point. Discover the best place for you to contribute your time to make retirement the most personally enriching time of your life.

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