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Baltimore Support Groups for Caregivers

Inevitably, a loved one will become incapacitated due to age with an illness or disability. Usually, it falls upon the closest relative, to provide full-time care in the home. Assuming the responsibility of an informal (unpaid) caregiver is a massive undertaking. The caregiver frequently sacrifices his or her own quality of life to provide for someone else.

Baltimore caregivers aren’t alone; there is a wide range of services, organizations and support groups dedicated to taking off some of the strain.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the resources Baltimore caregivers have near them.

Family Caregiver and Support Program

The Family Caregiver and Support Program offers services that provide support for family caregivers under the National Family Caregivers Support Program. 

The program is intended to provide a basic level of support for those people who are already committed to providing care for a family member. The program isn’t intended as a substitute for formal long-term care service, but only to help fill in the gaps and alleviate some of the emotional and monetary burden associated with the unpaid caregiving of family members.

Visit the website and find out how these federally funded services can alleviate the burden of providing for the daily needs of the chronically ill, disabled, or otherwise incapacitated individuals.

Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association functions on a worldwide, national and regional level to offer support and care for all those that Alzheimer’s (and other dementias) affects.

They provide caregivers and their families with a directory of comprehensive online resources and valuable information through the Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregiver Center, which has sections on all three stages of caregiving; early-stage, middle-stage, and late-stage.

Through the Alzheimer’s Association, you’ll find access to resources that will help you in every aspect of caring for your Alzheimer’s suffering family member.

The Alzheimer’s Association is a treasure trove of resources and information that will make the caregiver’s task, if not easier, at least much clearer.


Being a caregiver can frequently create a sense of isolation that makes every day seem a lonely and thankless struggle. Being constantly concerned with the daily needs of someone else means having little time to see to your own needs.

ALZConnected, working in concert with the Alzheimer’s Association, provides everyone affected by Alzheimer’s, including caregivers, access to a free online community.

Join up to meet hundreds of people in similar circumstances. Get things off your chest by sharing your concerns with the digital community. Ask and answer questions to the benefit of forum members everywhere.

Use ALZConnected to maintain an active social life and make new friends even while you’re restricted to the small area around your loved one.

Veteran’s Administration Caregiver Services

The Veteran’s Administration makes provisions for the informal care of U.S. veterans by close family members.  Qualified veterans can have a stipend paid to their close relative who provides care, which alleviates financial burden providing care may cause.

Caregiver Services also offers services like adult day care and respite care so that caregivers can take much-needed breaks.

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