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Baltimore Senior Realtors

If you’ve lived in your house for most of your life but need to move, whether to downsize as an empty nester or move into a nursing facility for your health, it can be an emotionally difficult time.  Moving as a senior also has unique issues like sticking to a retirement budget or considering long-term care options.  Throughout all of this, you want an agent who can guide you and be sensitive to all your needs.  Baltimore is home to plenty of agents with senior training that can make your move a smooth one.

What Is a Senior Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents go through different training to help qualify them for all kinds of moves.  The National Association of Realtors offers a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) title that agents receive by adding approved courses to their training.  The Senior Real Estate Institute also has a credential, Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP), but it isn’t available in every state.  In Maryland, agents can choose to get one or both qualifications.

Along with the additional training, SRES and CSHP agents will work with numerous professionals in various fields. Their network includes CPA’s, attorneys, and social workers who have extensive knowledge about senior issues. Your agent can refer you to any one of these people to help you with anything you might need.

Who Uses Senior Real Estate Agents?

Adults that are 50 and older are the typical client of SRES or CSHP professionals. They can help newly retired adults, those who are empty nesters, working seniors moving for their job, or seniors that need to go into a nursing home for their health.

When Should You Use a Senior Real Estate Specialist?

The most obvious time to use one of these specialists is when you’re ready to move.  Whether you’re getting a smaller house, leaving the state, or going to an assisted living facility, a qualified agent can make this emotional time better.  They will work within your budget to find you the best home and even use things like reverse mortgages to get you the most money for your purchase.

Seniors who aren’t moving can also benefit from talking to an SRES or CSHP agent.  If you want to stay in your home but need to make it more accessible, call an agent, and they can refer you to professionals who will remodel your home.  It can be as simple as adding lift bars or wheelchair ramps or as complicated as total home makeovers.  

If you’re taking care of things like estate planning while you’re moving, your agent will coordinate the sale of your house with these tasks.  They can refer you to an attorney and make sure all things are taken care of so you don’t have to worry.  

Where Do I Find an SRES or CSHP Agent?

A quick internet search can locate agents in your area.  The CSHP directory on the Senior Real Estate Institute website lists all the agents in each state and provides a link to their direct site.

If you want an SRES agent, go the National Association of Realtors search tool and enter your zip code.  For example, the zip code 21210 came back with three agents from firms like Coldwell Banker.

If you have multiple needs during the sale of your house, like international real estate or foreclosures, you can find qualified agents in numerous areas; just ask to see how they can help you.  

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