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Baltimore Senior Centers

As a senior in retirement, you have the unique opportunity to spend your leisure time exactly the way you want. You can practice old skills or learn new ones; you can play card games with your friends, take classes at local institutes, travel your state or across the country, find new friends with the same interests, and even perform in front of cards. Baltimore is home to many senior-friendly experiences, and all you have to do is decide where you want to start.

When You Want To Relax, And Play Games

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a card game or a favorite board game. You can play with friends and catch up or meet new people that like the same thing. A few senior centers around the area offer a wide variety of games and groups you can join. Seven Oaks has pinochle, bridge, and bingo while Overlea Fullerton has Scrabble, pool, and canasta. You can find shuffleboard and bingo at Lansdowne-Baltimore Highlands Senior Center.

When You Want To Keep Learning

Getting older doesn’t mean you should stop learning and in fact, it’s important to keep your mind sharp by trying new things. You can take classes at the South Baltimore Learning Center or use their educational resources to learn on your own. John Hopkins University has an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute which allows adults 50 and over to pay an annual membership fee and take classes on campus. The Edward A. Myerberg Center offers more than 150 classes to seniors each term as well.

When You Want To Stay Healthy

Fitness is a fundamental component to staying healthy as you get older and if you’ve never taken a fitness class before, you should consider it. There are many senior fitness centers, and they can help you improve your balance, strength, and overall well-being. Pikesville Senior Center has a state-of-the-art fitness center and plenty of classes designed for mature adults. There are also fitness centers at Seven Oaks and Parkville.

When You Want To Perform

Some might shy away from the stage, but if you’re ready to make your big debut, then Baltimore is a great place to start. Encore is a group that promotes creativity for older adults by creating choirs for seniors throughout the region. You can join any of the 15 ensembles and get your chance to sing on stage. The Maryland Choral Society is also a good place to find a choir to join. You can enroll in dance classes at Woodlawn Senior Center and learn how to line dance as well.

When You Want To Make New Friends

Making friends can be harder as you get older but meetups in Baltimore make it simpler. You can find other seniors that have the same interests as you and can form strong bonds. You can also find social events in the Baltimore area so you can get out of the house and find new friends. If you’re ready to start dating again, there are also meetups for that too.  

When You Want To See The World

If the travel bug has bitten you, you can satisfy your wanderlust by joining a senior travel group. There are a few in the Baltimore area, and it makes it easy to find travel companions and plan your next trip. If you’re an AARP member, you can use their travel guide to book trips to senior-friendly destinations.

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