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Baltimore Respite Care and Adult Day Care

With the help of a family caregiver, if necessary, most older adults would prefer to spend their final years in their own home. Thankfully, there are adult day service providers to offer hot lunches, medical supervision, and social outlets when caregivers must take care of their own needs or have to leave the home to work. Also, a family caregiver can rest easy knowing that their aged relative is not sitting at home alone. Let’s take a closer look at adult day care and respite care in Baltimore.

Why Pick Adult Day Care or Respite Care Facilities?

Golden agers and other adults who have daily care needs can get assistance from day care for adults. These are typically drop-off programs that take place in senior living facilities, church halls, community centers, and other settings. There are some places that will give rides to attendees. Centers are generally open Monday through Friday (except for holidays) during normal work hours, though some places have extended hours from 8 am to 6 pm. Some families just choose to use the service a couple days per week or when a caregiver is ill. Others bring their loved one in every day.

Healthy snacks and breakfast are served in some adult day care centers, and all facilities are required to offer hot meals. Throughout the day, trained staff members help participants with using the bathroom and other personal needs, oversee monitoring and medication schedules, and ensure seniors do not get dehydrated. Some centers also specialize in assisting adults with memory issues.

Social activities usually include gardening and other outdoor fun, board and card games, visits from friendly therapy pets, adaptive exercise programs, field trips, and music therapy. The Maryland Department of Aging regulates day care facilities located within the state.

Are There Adult Day Care Centers in Baltimore?

There are well over a dozen adult day care programs within the city of Baltimore and plenty more close by. As you search for the best respite care for your loved one, begin by looking close to your home and work. Some of the following options may be most convenient for you:

Raven's Medical Adult Daycare is located in Western Baltimore


Extended Family Adult Daycare is situated in the West Mulbery neighborhood


Milbrook Circle Of Friends ADHC near the Fallstaff neighborhood


Golden Doves Adult Daycare found in Central Baltimore


Levels Medical Adult Daycare Service located in the north part of town

Talk to your family member's therapist or physician to see if they have any recommendations.

How Much Is Adult Day Care?

The median daily rate for adult day care in the Baltimore area is $80. This is about $50 less expensive than a full day of in-home care and is at least $30 less than the price for a day in an assisted living facility. When respite care is required for cognitive or medical reasons, long-term care policies will typically cover the costs. If an older adult has limited resources, they should see if they qualify for Medicaid- or VA-approved programs.

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