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Baltimore Rehab Centers

Rehabilitation comes in many forms. When you experience an accident or illness, you may need physical therapy rehabilitation to get your body working as it once did. If you had a stroke, you might need to use speech rehabilitation therapy to gain back some language lost. Baltimore offers various forms of the service depending on precisely what it is you need.

Care Plans Offered at Rehab Facilities

A rehab facility comes up with well-crafted care plans based on your particular needs. Your speech therapy sessions may be combined with physical therapy to get your mind and body back on track. Perhaps your therapist wants to work on your range of motion and strength building. The plan gets tailored to your needs, so you improve in the ways that are necessary for your health.

Rehab Care at a Nursing Home

You do not have to attend a separate rehab center to receive care. Many nursing homes provide rehab right at their establishments. Some have large rooms dedicated to these services while others have a fully equipped center onsite. St. Elizabeth Rehab & Nursing provides one option in Baltimore. They accept both Medicare and Medicaid, ensuring anyone requiring services can get the care they need. Their facility holds 162 beds. Roland Park Place is a five-star community in Baltimore. It is comprised of an assisted living area, independent living community, and health care center with private rooms. Speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy are all possible at this location. The Brinton Woods Post Acute Care Center handles all rehabilitative services. With a clean facility and friendly staff, the Center is well-rated among residents and their families. The rehab team works closely with their patients to ensure the best care possible.

Finding Reputable Rehab Centers in Baltimore

The goal is to find a reputable rehab center. Not all facilities get licensed by the state. Look for one that meets your criteria, such as having a friendly staff, clean environment, numerous services, and a safe establishment. A Medicare-certified location is also ideal if you have to use Medicare to pay for your costs. One that does not accept this type of insurance will not allow you to be a patient without another form of payment.

Using Medicare to Pay for Costs

Medicare is one of the most common methods for paying for rehab costs. Speak with your provider and determine how much they will pay, as well as the duration. You typically have to meet certain criteria before they handle your expenses. These include having a written note from a doctor stating you require rehabilitation for specific ailment, a three-day or longer stay in the hospital for the illness that requires recovery in long-term form, and remaining benefits in your Medicare Part A account. With all of these requirements met, your insurance will happily take care of your medical needs. When you do not have Medicare, consult with a private insurance agency to discuss long-term health care costs. They may handle your expenses instead.

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