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Baltimore Neighborhood Guide

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland. It boasts a population of more than 622,000 people. Upscale crab shacks, eclectic shops, and the National Aquarium are just a few of the city’s draws. Seniors looking to reside in Baltimore for the remainder of their days need to carefully consider the area they are looking for before settling on a decision. There are plenty of unique neighborhoods spread out throughout the town.

Stand-Out Communities in Baltimore

A livability score of 65 makes Baltimore somewhat livable overall. If you do not want to live in a mediocre place, you should look at the stand-out communities within the Baltimore area to determine the best location to call home. Roland Parl-Homewood-Guilford earned itself a 77 in terms of livability thanks to its stable housing market, high income per capita, and a slew of amenities for both young and old. Plenty of parks fill the area, offering ample space for everyone to enjoy.

Locust Point provides another stand-out community. It's 76 score comes in a close second to Roland’s. It got ranked the number two city in all of Maryland. Transportation proves a major draw in the area, offering a way for everyone to get around when they need to. It also sits near a highway, giving fast access to neighboring areas and cities.

Senior Escapes in Baltimore

Not all neighborhoods got designed with older people in mind. Many are becoming up-and-coming communities looking to draw in the younger tech generation. Upscale restaurants, gadget shops, and more fill plenty of places in Baltimore. Senior escapes include those locations that still have a draw with older adults. Ellicott City is one option. The area offers a high walkability score, allowing you to easily get from your home to one of the eclectic shops nearby. Antique shops also find their niche in this district.

Federal Hill remains filled with history. It is now known as historically hip, as some of the older buildings got revamped. A fresh coat of paint went a long way for some businesses looking to spruce up their looks. With all the history, though, the neighborhood still draws in senior citizens hoping to stay in touch with their younger selves.

Finding Your Next Home

You never want to settle for a place you do not love, especially when it is the last home you will ever live in for the remainder of your life. You should choose your next home carefully after finding the best possible neighborhood fit for you.

By looking at the rating for amenities, livability scale, and even employment opportunities, you can quickly determine which community is right for you. While Roland and Locust Point offers high livability overall, Federal Hill draws people in with its historic sites and old-timey feel. Perhaps you want to live in a condo, or maybe you want to reside in a gated community that makes you feel safe. Whatever lifestyle you’re looking for, Baltimore has the right location for you to call home.

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