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Baltimore Demographics and Lifestyle

Baltimore is the largest independent city in the U.S., and the Baltimore Metropolitan area is the 21st largest in America. Baltimore was founded in 1729, and the Inner Harbor was at one time the second busiest entry point for immigrants to U.S. shores.

Famously called the “city of neighborhoods,” Baltimore is comprised of hundreds of districts, and is where Francis Scott Keyes famously composed "The Star Spangled Banner" which ultimately became our nation’s national anthem.

Baltimore is steeped in the history of the United States and offers its residents constant reminders of our nation’s most famous historical events.

Continue reading to learn what Baltimore has to offer seniors who want to retire here. You’ll learn about the people, climate, and natural beauty of this Maryland city.

Baltimore’s People

The 2010 census reports that there were over 620,000 people living in Baltimore, spread among close to 243,000 households. Reaching its peak in 1950, the population of Baltimore has been steadily declining, as measured by subsequent census figures.

The ethnic makeup of Baltimore reflects the nation-strengthening diversity that is appropriate for such a historically important area:

African Americans number 396,000 people or 63% of the Baltimore population.

Whites are the next largest contingent with 184,000 people or 29% of the residents of Baltimore.

Asians trail both groups with a total population of fewer than 15,000 people or approximately 2% of Baltimore residents.

The 2009 median household income of Baltimore was just less than $43,000, with a per capita mean about $25,000.

While less than half of Baltimore residents report a religious affiliation, the majority of those who identify religiously say that they are Catholic.  

In 2010, over 90% of homes in Baltimore reported that they speak only English at home, with only 4% reporting that they spoke Spanish.

The Climate of Baltimore

Baltimore is located in a humid subtropical climate. People living in Baltimore enjoy all four seasons; hot summers, chilly winters with periodic snowfall, and short spring and fall seasons.

Spring in Baltimore is a rainy time of year, and the combination of heat and humidity during the summer will result in many thunderstorms during the season.

While winters aren’t as harsh as they are further up the east coast, Baltimore will experience freezing rain and sleet during the winter months that can make traveling difficult.

Nature near Baltimore

Baltimore is near some beautiful wildlife refuges and sanctuaries.

The Blackwater Wildlife Refuge offers bird walk tours for less than $5. If you love bird-watching, Blackwater Wildlife Refuge is a “must visit” place when you’re in Baltimore.

The Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary offers tours on the second Saturday of each month for just $5 per person. The Sanctuary also offers classes.

The Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary cares for wild animals that have been hurt or orphaned.

Frisky’s Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary not only cares for hurt, sick and orphaned animals but also provides a home for unwanted exotic pets. They offer adoption services and gladly allow people to meet the animals.

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