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Baltimore Assisted Living

The gradual loss of independence that comes with increasing age will eventually make living in your home a less than ideal situation. When daily chores become too difficult, and the stress of maintaining a home too much to bear, it becomes time to consider the benefits of moving into an assisted living facility. Moving into a senior care community is a big decision, and there are many things to consider. You need to decide on the area you’ll want to live, what services you’d like available to you, and which services you’ll need due to your particular situation. The good news for Maryland seniors is that the average cost of senior care in Baltimore is below the national average. Baltimore also offers an incredible variety of assisted living choices that will cater to just about every senior's need. No matter what the lifestyle you want in your golden years, you’ll find an affordable choice in the Baltimore area. Continue reading to learn about what types of senior communities you can find in Baltimore, what they can offer you, and how you might arrange to pay the costs of your senior care residence.

The Cost of Baltimore Assisted Living

As stated earlier in this article, the average cost of care in Baltimore is somewhat lower than the national average. The national median cost of an assisted living residence is about $3600 per month, while in Baltimore the average cost of a senior care community was only $3300 per month in 2016. If you search out the costs of particular facilities, you’ll find that the costs of care range far from the average, though. More luxurious senior communities will command a much higher price than the median in Baltimore. You can save money in senior residences that offer fewer amenities and smaller living spaces, usually at a considerable discount to the median cost in the Baltimore Area. SeniorAdvisor maintains an informative list of the available assisted living communities in the area. Check out Baltimore 55+ communities like Brookdale Towson that provide convenient access to many local amenities and medical care, or North Oaks Retirement Community with its beautifully appointed spaces.

What to Expect in Baltimore Assisted Living

Baltimore is home to some of the finest assisted living facilities in the United States. The Baltimore area is also home to some of the world’s best hospitals and medical professionals, as well as great entertainment, dining, and cultural opportunities. Look at senior communities like Roland Park Place where you’ll enjoy apartment building living near many Baltimore conveniences. Symphony Manor Assisted Living has all the benefits of suburban living for seniors who enjoy being in a greener environment, but still close to important Baltimore services and attractions. You’ll find senior residential communities that run the gamut in location, services, and appointments. From hotel-style living with housekeeping and meals, to the luxury of onsite exercise classes, pools, classes and spacious, well-stocked game rooms. Whatever you’re looking for in a 55+ community, you’ll find it in the Baltimore area.

Locating an Assisted Living Community for You in Baltimore

Thanks to the digital age, searching for senior care has never been easier. Use online searches to find the retirement communities that are located where you want to live. Search through dozens of reviews by seniors and their families detailing the experiences that they’ve had with any particular place. Don’t rely on the internet alone; once you’ve located likely candidates for your retirement living needs, you need to pick up the phone! Begin scheduling visits to each senior community so you can find out how it is like in person. Ask if you can spend the day and sample what a certain senior residential community has to offer. Only you can decide if a place is right for you.

Here are some good questions to start with: Is there transportation provided for residents, and is it included in the monthly rent? Can you see a sample menu (if meals are provided)? How is maintenance handled (clogged sink, broken door, etc.)? Can you speak with current residents on your own (not people management introduces you to)? Make a written list of the questions that are important to your situation, and make sure each is answered to your satisfaction. When you decide on the right retirement community, you need the best information you can get.

Financing Your Assisted Living Situation in Baltimore

The biggest concern, after deciding on the best place to move to, is how will you pay for it?

If you own your home, you have a few good options:

Get a reverse mortgage; you’ll receive a stable monthly income that will go far in paying your senior care costs.

Consider becoming a landlord; renting your home as a residence or vacation home will provide income that will defray the cost of retirement community living.

Sell your home; the lump sum payment you realize from selling your home could pay for years of senior community living.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to own such a valuable asset, what if you’re a low-income senior?

You can start by adding up your Social Security and pension benefits (if any), then look into Medicaid in your state. Maryland Medicaid will cover the nursing home costs of many qualified senior citizens. Usually, Medicaid will cover nursing home care through managed care plans that can provide services beyond what standard Medicaid will provide. Go to the Maryland Medicaid website to learn more about eligibility and requirements.

If you have long-term care insurance, it may go far in covering your senior care costs for some time to come. Check your policy for the details regarding the type of care that will be covered.

Veterans (and their spouses) may be able to take advantage of the VA Aid and Attendance Pension. If you’ve served during wartime, you can qualify for this important benefit. In Maryland, consult the VA regional office to see if you qualify.

If you found this article to be helpful to you, consider visiting SeniorAdvisor’s other valuable guides to important senior resources in Baltimore.

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