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Baltimore Alzheimer’s Care

Caring for a loved one can prove a difficult task, especially if that person suffers from memory troubles. Alzheimer’s disease impacts millions of people yearly, requiring many family members to step up as caregivers. The Baltimore area sees many cases of the disease, with caregivers in need of support and guidance on how to deal.

Maryland Facts on Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Association has a greater Maryland chapter that works to assist people in Maryland with dealing with the disease.

This chapter started as the Johns Hopkins support group, and has grown exponentially since it was first established.

Expenses for the program in Maryland run $2,108,169 per year.

There are at least five locations in Baltimore alone that offer some type of support group for Alzheimer’s. These are either for the patients themselves, or their caregivers.

Two of the Baltimore area support groups are ran by churches, while one is held in the library, and another is offered at the 50+ center.

Nine hundred and nineteen deaths occurred from Alzheimer’s in Maryland in 2013 alone. The numbers increase each year.

More than 16,000 suffering from Alzheimer’s in Maryland are only between the ages of 65 and 74 .

291,000 caregivers are caring for Alzheimer’s or memory loss patients in Maryland alone.

What is Alzheimer’s Care?

Alzheimer’s care refers to any care that is handled on behalf of a person living with Alzheimer’s. The disease is very progressive, and quickly breaks down a person’s mental state. The brain suffers greatly, particularly in the form of significant memory loss.

A caregiver is often required to handle patients with Alzheimer’s. While some are placed in a nursing facility where a professional can help, many others remain in their own homes with the help of their loved ones. It is often believed that keeping a person in their own home will help to slow the disease, as they are kept in familiar surroundings that they will remember. This is not always the case though, especially as the disease progresses.

Care comes in the form of handling daily needs. The caregiver often bathes, dresses, and feeds their family member with Alzheimer’s, as these tasks cannot be completed by the person themselves. They also simply need to be around throughout the day to watch and ensure no mishaps are made. People with Alzheimer’s often find themselves back in time, believing they are a much younger age. This could make them apt to do things they wouldn’t normally do nowadays, such as leave the house alone and head out thinking they are going to work or to meet a friend.

Alzheimer’s patients need to be carefully monitored to ensure they remain safe in their homes. They need assistance with daily tasks and household duties, especially on days where the disease is taking over. This is what care will look like most of the time, whether it is handled in the person’s own home, or in a nursing facility.

How Much Does Alzheimer’s Care Cost in Baltimore?

Alzheimer’s care costs a great deal no matter what state the person is in. Maryland has a median range of $20 per hour for homemaker services. The city of Baltimore is slightly less at $19 per hour for the services. This cost comes into play when a professional caregiver is needed in the home.

Those that prefer the nursing home option can expect to pay even more. Daily rates for nursing home facilities are $328 on average in Baltimore. This equates to $119,720 per year.

Managing Costs for Baltimore Alzheimer’s Care

Managing all the costs of Baltimore Alzheimer’s care can prove difficult for many families. The extensive costs need to be carefully considered in order to ensure they can be met. While the responsibility is usually left to the patient and his or her families to handle, there are some ways to have the costs reduced to make it more affordable.

Share Expenses With a Roommate

One of the best ways to save on care costs is to live in a nursing home with a roommate. This reduces prices drastically, bringing totals down to $105,303 in Baltimore per year. While the cost is still high, a large portion is taken off the price that is no longer needed to be worried about. There are plenty of facilities in the area that offer semi-private room options. Most of these options have two separate bedroom spaces with a shared living room and bathroom. It is also a great way to have a companion to share time with while staying at the facility.

Adult Day Care

Another way to save is to utilize the services of adult day care. This option is available for those caregivers who handle their loved one’s needs alone. They do not have to pay for a nursing home facility or a homemaker, but will often require the help of some sort of professional on occasion. The caregiver may handle daily needs, but require a safe place for their loved one to go while they have to be away for a day. Adult day care options are much less expensive, running only $80 a day at many locations. With this option used sparingly, a great deal of money can be saved.

Seek Insurance

Another way to help combat the costs is to seek insurance. There are several options out there for senior citizens suffering from lifelong diseases. Medicaid and Medicare are two federally funded options that often provide some relief to seniors. They will pay for a portion of the costs when staying at a nursing home, and may even assist with homemaker services or adult day care. Patients should apply as soon as possible to determine the amount of help they could receive. The remainder of the costs must then be covered out of pocket.

Those that do not qualify can still seek a long-term care policy from an independent insurance agency. There are plenty of options in the Baltimore area to look into. Whatever ways there are to save on costs should be utilized since the price is so steep.

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