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Baltimore Aging In Place

Baltimore is a fantastic place to live, and if this has been your home for your entire life, chances are you want to stay here. Just because you’re getting older or need help with your health doesn’t mean you have to move into a nursing home. Aging in place services makes it possible to stay in your home longer while getting the care you need. These services can include homemakers who will help keep your house run smoothly as well as home health aides that can assist you with daily grooming, check your vital signs, and assist you with any other health conditions you may have. Baltimore has plenty of options when it comes to in-home care, so you don’t have to go far to find what you need.

How Will I Pay For In-Home Care?

Many seniors worry about the cost of care because of limited funds, but you might be able to get help with some of the costs of your in-home care. If your doctor has stated that you need 24/7 assistance, the cost of services might be reimbursed. The Baltimore City Health Department has dozens of programs and initiatives to help seniors cover the cost of homemakers or home health aides and can even assist with supplemental services like transportation and meal delivery. Veterans can use their VA bill to help with the costs of in-home care.

How Much Will In-Home Care Cost?

It’s a little tricky to find an exact cost for in-home care because it isn’t the same for each senior. Depending on how often you use in-home care, what type of in-home care you choose, and where you live, your cost might go up or down. Right now, the national average for homemakers and home health aides is $3,800 per month.

In Baltimore, the average cost is around the same amount with homemakers coming in around $3,813 per month and home health aides coming in around $4,004 per month. This means you could pay anywhere from $125 to $132 per day. When you compare this to the daily cost of a private room in a nursing home ($352), it is more affordable.

How Can I Find A Provider In Baltimore?

You can check with your doctor or health care provider to see if they have any good suggestions and your friends or family members might also be able to help out. You can also find providers online through the Better Business Bureau of Baltimore. Sites like this are helpful because not only can you read about the company, but you can read reviews and see what previous customers think.

Once you have a few potential providers, ask more in-depth questions. See that you choose places that are insured and bonded as well as have all the right licenses. Ask about their hiring process and see if they use a background check or another type of screening. Make sure you know how and when they collect payments and what method they use to schedule their clients. If they have a contract for their services, carefully read through everything before you sign.

Additional Care Options 

You can choose to use a homemaker or home health aide if you feel that is the best plan for you, but know that these aren’t your only options. If you’re not quite ready for full-time help, you can look to concierge services to fit your needs. These type of services allow you to choose the assistance you need and use it as often or as little as you would like.

If you have a dog that needs a walk, find locals through If you would like your house cleaned each week, check Handy, and if you have other chores or errands you need assistance with, Favor and TaskRabbit can help you out. If your house is in disrepair or you need improvements, can help you find the right person for the job and Amazon Home Services can help you find a ton of local professionals. Remember to ask these people the same questions you would for any other service provider.

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