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Baltimore 55+ Communities

As the years pass, there are many changes in how we live our daily lives. After a while, the daily work commute, school runs, and children’s birthday parties give way to an empty nest. After retirement, and as the kids grow up and move out, maintaining a large family home can become burdensome. Few people past the age of fifty-five relish making the routine repairs and performing the routine chores that living in a family sized home entails.

There are alternatives to living on your own in an outsized living space. Senior residential living communities also called 55+ communities and retirement centers offer independent living with a host of services that will make life easier. You can enjoy housekeeping service, prepared meals, and amenities like indoor pools, libraries, game rooms, and fun classes and activities.

Baltimore is graced with a wide selection of senior retirement communities that can offer an alternative to maintaining your quality of life living alone in your old home.

Brightview White Marsh is a senior living community in Baltimore that offers beautiful landscaping, fruit and vegetable gardens, and delicious meals served restaurant-style. They also provide high-quality Alzheimer’s care in the Wellspring Village neighborhood.

Pickersgill Retirement Community is dedicated to keeping residents independent and provides wonderful dining, housekeeping, and nursing staff that are available 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

What Does Retirement Community Living Cost in Baltimore

Living in an independent living retirement community in Baltimore will cost more than regular rental housing in the area. You can anticipate paying from $1500 to $4000 per month depending on the square footage, services, and amenities that the 55+ senior residential community offers.

Ways to Pay for 55+ Community Living in Baltimore

For those fortunate enough to have a healthy retirement package from their former employer, or a large nest egg put away, the only concern is finding the right place to settle in. For the rest of the retirement age population that has suffered from historically low-interest rates and the fluctuations of the stock market, it’s time to get a little creative.

Homeowners have the option of selling the family home and using the proceeds to finance years of senior community costs. The more enterprising retirees will want to look at renting their homes and realizing a monthly income that will go far to cover the cost of retirement community rent. Combined with social security, Medicaid and possibly part-time work, the majority of seniors should be able to manage the cost of an independent and assisted living, a senior community.

An option that you can also look at is find a roommate to split the costs. While this isn’t for everyone, this is still a great way to enjoy the benefits of 55+ retirement home living.

Things to Look at When Deciding on a Baltimore Retirement Community

Everyone values different things when they consider what constitutes a satisfying quality of life. What works for some people may be unattractive to some others. Sit down and put pen to paper; what are the amenities and services that you need to have a great retirement community experience?

If you plan on traveling the world in your retirement, you might just want the cheapest place with minimal services since you won’t be spending much time there. Maybe you would like to enjoy lots of socializing and fun activities to occupy your day? You can find a retirement community that emphasizes group activities and community living.

What are the Basic Costs of Retirement Living in Baltimore?

When deciding on the right senior living residential situation for you, you need to find out what is included with your monthly payments and what is not. Utilities can eat up a big chunk of your budget, so find out if any utilities are included in your monthly rent. Some locations are eligible for discounted cable or internet service which can save you lots of money, and provide much-needed communications and entertainment.

Important expenses, such as daily meals, housekeeping, and linen service need to be researched; are they included? Do you need to pay a surcharge or extra fees?

Look at little things; snacks and drinks outside of meal times, laundry facilities, and other similar concerns. Once you’ve moved in, it’s too late; so find out what the deal includes long before deciding.

More Luxurious Amenities that are Available

If you want to look beyond basic services, you can take a look at the more luxurious amenities that a senior community may offer. Each senior living residence can have something unusual that sets it apart from the competition.

You’ll find retirement homes with onsite beauty and barbering services, well-equipped game rooms, movie theaters, and even fitness facilities with regularly scheduled exercise classes.

The Baltimore Area for Retirees

Baltimore is the home of much Revolutionary and Civil War history. Baltimore Harbor is the home of the original Star Spangled Banner and where the national anthem was created. Baltimore is the home of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum, a great attraction for retirees who are train buffs.

The Baltimore waterfront is home to some fantastic shopping, entertainment, and dining. Baltimore is home to some of the most state-of-the-art hospitals and medical facilities that you can find.

Mass transportation is easy to access and convenient to use. Considering that most retirement communities maintain a scheduled shuttle to various locations, the pensioner should have no problem enjoying all that Baltimore has to offer.

Consider the Changes That Age May Bring

Age and debility are an inevitable part of the aging process, and you have to plan for the need of assisted living care and onsite medical staff. Look for a retirement community with this in mind to ensure maximum stability in your retirement living arrangements.

HeartLands Senior Living Village is located on a massive 48-acre site and offers cottage and apartment living options. They are close to antique shops, restaurants, and some great entertainment options.

Sunrise of Pikesville offers residents elegant living and assisted living services that range from medication supervision to bathing assistance.

Baltimore has a senior living option for just about everybody. Consider everything carefully and enjoy your senior years in secure comfort.

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