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Pet-Friendly Senior Living in Austin

Americans love their pets, and they are wonderful companions in our old age. Austin, Texas, is a pet-friendly town that will make your furry or feathered friends feel welcome.

Austin, Texas is the home of many different pet-friendly places and businesses. From dog-friendly parks filled with dedicated paths to restaurants that will be happy to serve you in the company of your favorite pet.

In Austin, you’ll find a pet-friendly botanical garden and several pet-friendly hotels as well. Read further to find out what pet-friendly places seniors can enjoy in Austin.

Austin Senior Living Communities

Austin, Texas, senior living communities are customarily very pet-friendly. You’ll usually have no problem keeping your animal companion with you.

The Clairmont in Austin is a beautiful community for Austin seniors who enjoy beautiful and cozy surroundings near a lot of what Austin has to offer. The staff and residents are friendly and communicative.

The Conservatory at Wells Branch has a policy of allowing smaller pets and is surrounded by wonderful open spaces that seniors can enjoy strolling through.

Pet-friendly Parks in Austin

There are fifteen parks in Austin, Texas that are designated as off-leash. Your dog can enjoy an active day out, and you’ll enjoy meeting other dog lovers in the fresh air and beauty of Austin nature.

The West Austin Dog Park is a dedicated park area for people and their canine companions. Besides the off-leash park area, Austin seniors will enjoy access to picnic shelters, walking trails, and tennis courts. The West Austin Dog Park is a great pet-friendly destination.

Pet-friendly Restaurants in Austin

There is a slew of dog-friendly restaurants in Austin so that you can enjoy a day (or night) out with your furry companion. Red’s Porch in Austin won’t look twice as you sit down with Fido. You’ll get a great meal, and your dog will get a cold bowl of water.

Rudy’s BBQ is an Austin treasure! This one-stop gas station, car garage, grocery store, and BBQ eatery welcomes patrons and their dogs for great BBQ. Note that dogs are accommodated in the outdoor patio area only.

P. Terry’s is a fun and popular Austin burger joint that will gladly serve you in the company of your pet in the spacious outdoor patio space. Their popularity means you’ll have to be patient when they get busy.

Pet-friendly Events in Austin

Enjoy some great pet-related events in Austin and meet other pet-lovers. Check out the Austin Amazing Pet Expo and take a look at hundreds of amazing companion animals.

Take your pet to see Santa at "Santa Claus is coming to Pet Smart" in Austin. Get a great picture of your pet and Santa for the holidays, and to share with friends and family.

Join the Austin, Texas Dog Walking Academy and get out in the fresh air, meet new friends, and let your dog socialize with many other Austin canines while you both get needed exercise.

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