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Medicare in Austin

The federally-funded health insurance provided to Austin residents is known as Medicare. It does not cover all care costs but does provide significant help to seniors in need of regular health care. Utilize the resources in your area and online to discover how you can use Medicare to your benefit. There are many great aspects to consider.

The Four Parts of Medicare

There are four parts of Medicare that every applicant should be aware of before applying for benefits. Each of the four sections includes different services. You must request coverage for the specific services you need, rather than filling out forms and getting approved for an all-in-one option.

Part A refers to short stays in the hospital, hospice care at the end of life, some home health care options, and certain supplies.

Part B is intended for routine care, such as doctor’s visits, annual well-checks, and other preventative services.

Part C combines A and B with the help of a Medicare Advantage Plan. You get all services associated with these components, plus the additional offerings from your chosen plan provider.

Part D is primarily for prescription medications. It is a separate drug plan used to cover the majority of the prescription drugs you will require as an older adult with significant health concerns.

Fast Facts Regarding Austin Medicare

Active employees enrolled in UT SELECT are encouraged to enroll in Medicare Part A, but not parts B and D.

More than 75,000 people in Austin have selected a health plan and applied for benefits.

Texas Medicare recipients get $11,000 on average per year paid toward their medical expenses.

Finding Medicare Offices in Austin

There are three main offices to visit in Austin if you want to discuss Medicare. They are:

Austin Social Security Office - B, 5508 W Hwy 290; (800) 772-1213

Texas Medicare Advisors - 9600 Great Hills Trail #120e; (512) 900-3008

U.S. Social Security Administration - 1029 Camino La Costa; (866) 627-6991

You can call each location ahead of time to determine hours available and see if a representative can fit you in for the day. You can also walk in and wait for an available associate to speak with you regarding Medicare benefits and how to apply. The staff worker will walk you through the application process and ensure you include all the necessary documents before allowing you to submit your forms.

Locating Austin Medicare Providers

Numerous providers in the Austin area accept Medicare as a form of insurance. The Austin Diagnostic Clinic is one option. The clinic offers a full list of doctors in their offices that accept Medicare, allowing you to find a provider easily. The doctors get classified by services, such as internal medicine or rheumatology.

You can also look on the Medicare website directly and use their physician compare locator tool. Enter Austin, Texas as your location and search for the particular type of doctor you require. Many seniors look for geriatric medicine to locate a provider that specializes in senior care.

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