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Medicaid in Austin

More than 4.6 million seniors with low income rely on Medicaid to cover their care costs. Senior services are extensive, with regular doctor visits, daily medication, the need for medical equipment, and much more. Without help paying for these services, most seniors would be unable to pay at all.

Who Qualifies for Medicaid in Texas?

You must meet certain qualifications to receive Medicaid in Texas. Seniors who are at least 65 years old can apply. The program is intended for people with low income that cannot afford care on their own. When you expect to require 30 days or more of continuous care, you become eligible. Individuals with disabilities lasting more than a year are also entitled to apply.

Where Can You Get Help With Your Medicaid Application or Claims?

Texas Medicaid Healthcare located at 12365 Riata Trace Pkwy has employees ready to answer any questions you have. They provide assistance with claims if you already have Medicaid, or help you fill out an application if you need to get it. Additional locations also offer guidance, including:

HHSC Benefits Office - 7701 Metropolis,Building 12; (512) 445-0022

HHSC Benefits Office - 1601 RUTHERFORD LN; (512) 339-8868

A Community Partner- AUSTIN FREE-NET - 2209 Rosewood Avenue; (512) 236-8225

Central Texas Community Health Centers DBA CommunityCare - 211 Comal Street; (512) 978-9200

Central Texas Food Bank - 8201 S. Congress Avenue; (855) 366-3401

Emmaus Catholic Church - 1718 Lohmans Crossing; (512) 261-8500

Foundation Communities - 3036 S. 1st Street; (512) 447-2026

Mission: Possible! Austin, Inc - 1190 Chicon; (512) 494-0953

If you would rather apply yourself, you can head online to do so easily. The Texas Benefits website offers an online application with step-by-step instructions. You must first create an account to use the website and begin the application process. You need to provide your name, address, phone number, email, and date of birth to sign-up for the service.

What Does Texas Medicaid for Seniors Cover?

Texas Medicaid covers a great deal for seniors. Not only can you go to doctor visits free-of-charge or with just a small co-pay, but you can also have access to transportation, including an ambulance. You get to go to the emergency room when needed, utilize rehabilitative services, get lab work done, and even stay in a nursing home or hospice care center. The comprehensive list of services ensures all medical needs get met.

Getting to and from Medical Appointments

Getting to and from your medical appointments may prove difficult if you are unable to drive. Texas offers a statewide Medical Transportation Program that assists seniors with getting to their scheduled appointments. Drivers of either buses or vans make their way to the homes of those in need of a ride and ensure they get to where they need to be. The program even provides bus tickets to those who can get around on their own but simply do not have the money to do so. A fixed-route system gets used in this instance. Contact your provider to schedule these services before your next doctor visit.

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