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How to Get Around Austin Without Driving

A city filled with fun things to do, not having a vehicle makes it difficult for residents to make their way to the many offerings of Austin. Various transportation services exist that provide transit for anyone in the area that needs it. Utilize one of the many services available to get where you need to go on a daily basis.


The Austin Bus transit is provided by CapMetro, a company that prides itself on making rides fair in price for everyone. Seniors get a discount on services due to their frequent use. Fares are half price as long as the rider has a valid photo ID to prove their age and identity.

Use the “Plan Your Trip” tool to schedule your ride or simply look at the schedule to see when buses will be at each stop. Plan your day accordingly, so you will be waiting at the bus stop when transportation arrives to take you home or to your next location. You can also use the CapMetro app. It lets you pay for your fare and see when your ride will arrive.

Taxi Services

Plenty of cab companies exist in Austin. The Austin Cab Company lets you either rent a sedan or wheelchair accessible van for your needs. Let them know ahead of time which option you require, so the correct one gets sent to your pickup destination. Call (512) 478-2222 or email [email protected] to request services. Regular riders may utilize personal charge accounts, or you can pay at the time of service. Specialized machines in the car allow you to pay with cash or card.

Speciality Senior Transportation Services

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department offers a Senior Programs Division with a goal of providing assistance to older adults in the community. They designed a Senior Transportation Program for people age 60 and older to get rides to and from appointments and to run errands. Each part of the program requires a different fee depending on the service and length of time needed for traveling.

A lunch program includes a driver picking up an elder citizen and taking them to a congregate meal lunch location. The service is free, but a recommended $1 donation is encouraged. The reserve-a-ride option lets seniors choose anywhere they want to go in Austin. Spend $6 to have a driver take you on your errands, whether to the grocery store, hair salon, or bank. The same price applies to medical appointments, as the drivers must sit and wait a considerable amount of time for you to make your way in and out. Call 974-1464 to utilize any of these services.

Help Finding the Right Ride

To get help finding the right ride, look into all possible resources in your city. Movability Austin is one choice, giving you insight into the many transportation options in the area. They encourage walking and biking as means for travel if you have the means to do so because it gets you out of the house and some exercise. Other transportation tools also get disclosed on the site.

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