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Financial Assistance for Austin Seniors

Living on a fixed income can be difficult for seniors because life can be expensive. If you are worried about your income (or someone else’s) not paying all your bills for necessities, there are non-profit groups and agencies in Austin here to help. This article will give you information on how to find assistance to pay for food, housing, utilities, care, transportation, and more in the Austin area.

Get food right at your doorstep

Austin offers a comprehensive Meals on Wheels program that offers a wide variety of meal options including a hot meal delivered once per day during the week, supplemental frozen meals for the weekend, and breakfast meals. There are also two grocery programs, including one that also helps seniors get nutritional support.

Seniors and live-in family members may also be eligible for Texas Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to buy food and also garden seeds to grow their food. You can apply online or call toll-free 211 or 1.877.541.7905.

Help all around the house

For seniors needing help around the house to live independently, they can contact Meals on Wheels Central Texas. Yes, they provide much more than meal service! Other programs include in-home care, pet care with visiting vet and food delivery, veterans services, home repair, handyman services, respite care, telehealth treatment for depression, and more.

If you are struggling to pay your utility bills, you can contact the Texas Weatherization Assistance Program. You can also get help to pay your gas, water, and electric bills through the Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program.

For seniors who need assistance with housing, it is best to not even try for city-run housing in Austin as the list is already full. Seniors can contact the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and search for vacancies. You can also narrow your search to senior only apartments. There are also other non-profit organizations that provide housing assistance including St. George’s Senior Housing and Greendoors. Most senior communities also offer low-income options because this is common amongst older adults, so be sure to ask.

Staying social

There are several programs and groups in Austin to help seniors stay active with social programs, transportation, and benefits assistance. For daily activities and fun, seniors can visit one of Austin’s three senior centers. These centers provide games, meals, trips, and transportation. Seniors that are unable to leave their homes can contact the Texas Department of Aging and Disability (DADS) or help to find assistance to come directly to the home. There is a broad range of programs including those that assist with daily living and those they provide companionship. Call DADS for more information at 1.855.937.2372.

There are several other senior programs offered at the various organizations including the YMCA, JCC – Shalom Austin, and the Bridge Center of Austin. Meetup has an extensive listing of senior clubs in Austin to help you find others with similar interests. You can find about anything to fit your budget. Austin has several programs for seniors.

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