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Austin Veterans Benefits

Austin veterans are entitled to a wide range of benefits in return for their service to our great nation. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for veterans to find out which benefits they’re entitled to and how to access them.

Austin vets are lucky to have many valuable resources available that can help them to navigate the process of finding important housing, health care, and job-search programs that can make a big difference in their post-military quality of life.

Keep reading to learn about organizations and government offices that will help Austin vets access the benefits they’ve earned.

Austin-area Health Benefits Programs for Vets

The first step is, of course, to educate yourself regarding what benefits you can qualify for. According to the Veteran’s Administration, if you’re a veteran who has served on active duty and earned any kind of discharge above dishonorable, you could be eligible for VA health care enrollment.

At the Austin VA Medical Center, qualified vets can access a panoply of valuable services. Some of the health care you can receive includes:

Specialty geriatric care, which includes psychiatric care and counseling

Hospice services

Women’s health care

Treatment for degenerative memory diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Substance abuse programs

Housing Benefits for Vets

Having a stable living situation is vital to most people’s health, and Austin vets have resources and programs they can qualify for that will help them keep a roof over their heads. If you’re experiencing problems remaining comfortably housed, check out this resource list to find the appropriate office for help.

The Veterans Resource Center offers the initial point of contact for vets who need to connect with non-profit, employment, educational and Veteran’s Administration resources. Visit their website to learn how you can take advantage of the critical assistance that will make staying housed easier.

Some of the aid you may qualify for includes:

Texas VLB Veterans Housing Assistance Loan Program

Home improvement loans offered at discounted interest rates

Access to Texas State Veteran’s Homes

Veterans also can apply to take part in the Veteran’s Administration Medical Foster Home program. Participants in this program are placed in private homes with thoroughly vetted caregivers who want to include a veteran in their lives.

If you’re a homeless veteran, or at immediate risk of homelessness, the county will also provide emergency assistance for qualified veterans.

Additional Austin-area Resources

The Veteran’s Resource Center is a group that’s dedicated to providing critical help to Austin-area veterans. Contact them to get help applying for health care benefits, getting help with housing, access educational benefits or even find a job.

Older veterans and their spouses can find out if they're eligible for priority services from the Texas Workforce Commission. There are offices located throughout Texas where veterans can find out what work is available for their skillset.

The Veteran’s Land Board hosts a series of benefits fairs where veterans, their spouses, and other family members will learn about many of the services and help available to them.

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