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Austin Senior Living

All Texans reach a point in their lives when an extra hand is necessary. As people age their ability to perform tasks often lessens. It becomes increasingly difficult to handle chores around the house and even basic care needs for oneself. Seniors in Austin have various options for senior care and assistance. Find the best senior services in Austin to meet your needs using this guide.

What are the Costs of Senior Living in Austin?

The costs of senior living vary widely throughout Austin. The prices depend on the facility where care takes place, and whether or not the person receives in-home assistance. The median price across the nation for a home health aide is $20 per hour. In Austin, this price slightly heightened at $22 per hour. The increased amount could result in upwards of $49,000 per year spent on home care.

In-home options are far less expensive than nursing home costs. A semi-private room at a nursing home facility equals more than $60,000 in expenses. Seniors that desire a private suite could spend over $80,000 to get it.

What are the Senior Living Options in Austin?

The senior living options in Austin have expanded exponentially throughout the years. There are now more options than ever before. All-inclusive nursing home communities, at-home options, and adult day programs are just a few of the choices. There is a service for everyone, whether they want to remain in their home or require round the clock care in a professional setting.

Are There Home and Community Service Choices?

Numerous home and community service choices fill the list of senior living options.

Adult Day Programs - Adult day programs are one community choice. These allow seniors to come together for the day and enjoy each other’s company. There are games and activities provided, as well as lunch served. Adult day programs work well for caregivers who need a safe place for their loved one to go while they are working or otherwise unable to care for them. In-Home Care - Various in-home care options fill Austin. Some offerings, such as CareGivers, provide transportation to and from appointments. Most assist with daily tasks within the home, such as cleaning, personal care, cooking, and even getting groceries as needed. The nurses and staff members from Stella Senior Care are always on time and able to handle any needs.

What are the Best Questions to Ask About In-Home Services?

Before utilizing any in-home service, there are important questions to ask. Always get the answers to some of these best questions to ensure the option is the right choice.

Are you insured?

Are you licensed to provide services?

Do you run background checks on all employees?

Do employees go through a training process?

Is there a backup plan in place when an employee cannot make it to their job site?

Is transportation available?

Are There Assisted Living Communities in Austin?

Receiving care at home is not always the best option. You may instead wonder if there are assisted living communities in Austin. There are both assisted living locations and nursing homes to call home.

Assisted Living - Private living quarters are available at assisted living places. There is on-call help, so you are always sure to have a nurse available to handle any care needs. They may also offer housekeeping services. Elmcroft of Austin was rated one of the best of assisted living in the area.

Independent Living - Independent living communities are similar to assisted living, except they offer more freedom to the residents. The facility resembles a typical apartment building or townhome concept. Each senior receives a personal living space. You handle all housekeeping on your own, but you still have access to nurses when necessary. Village on the Park - Onion Creek offers one and two bedroom independent living options. Nursing Home - A nursing home, like Silverado Onion Creek, provides skilled nursing care. Individuals with memory impairments are best suited for this type of housing situation, as they receive additional care and assistance. There are also rehabilitative and therapy programs available.

What are the Best Questions to Ask About Assisted Living?

Before stepping foot in an assisted living facility, there are some questions to settle on. Some of the best questions to ask involve learning more about the location and what it offers.

What services do they include in the monthly payment cost?

Are there additional services for an extra fee?

Is a continuum of care provided?

Are independent concierge services allowed?

Who Handles Care Payments?

Payments for care are often made monthly for a nursing home or assisted living facility, and daily or weekly for in-home services and adult day programs. These payments are often made out of pocket by the senior requiring them. A family caregiver in charge of their loved one’s estate may instead pay for costs.

Those that struggle financially may find it difficult to make these payments. Insurance should be the first consideration in this instance. There are insurance types specifically designed for low-income individuals in mind. Medicare and Medicaid are the two standard options. They often handle at least a portion of the care costs, either up to a certain amount or for a specific number of days per year, typically up to 100. Texas Medicare Advisors assists with finding the best plan option.

What Major Events Are Held in Austin?

Seniors that want to get out and explore the city can do so easily in Austin. There are major events held each year that anyone can attend. The Trail of Lights is a yearly event held during the holidays. You can enjoy walking underneath tunnels of lights and experiencing the more than 2 million lights and displays.

The Zilker Kite Festival is another option. It is held in Zilker Park and is free for everyone to attend. Hundreds of different kites are featured, filling the sky with beautiful creations. Seniors can enjoy these events and more.

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