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Austin Senior Centers

You’re retired now, and that gives you the opportunity to explore your city, state, and the world. There are so many ways to enjoy your extra free time. You can meet with your friends at the local senior center to play cards or work on arts and crafts. You can learn a new skill or brush up on subjects you’ve long enjoyed. You can travel anywhere in the world, and you can even meet new people, and it’s all available to you right here in Austin.

When You Want To Relax With Games

After working hard most of your life, it’s nice to sit back and enjoy simple recreation. Many of the senior centers around Austin offer you the chance to play games with friends. Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center has a billiards room to play pool as well as an open puzzle table, dominoes group, bridge, and bingo. At the Lamar Center, you can play Bunco, Rummikub, Mah Jongg, and Pinochle. You can bring a friend or head there yourself to meet people with your same interests.

When You’re Ready To Learn

There is no reason that you can’t keep learning well into your retirement. Now you have the time to learn a second language, practice a new skill, or just learn about everything you never got to before. The Lifetime Learning Institute of Austin is for adults that are 50 and older who want to keep learning. You can take courses in foreign languages, knitting, gardening, literature, and writing courses. Austin Community College also offers tuition exemption for seniors over 65 who meet a few other requirements.

When You Want To Work On Your Fitness

It’s important to stay healthy as you get older and fitness classes are a great way to move and socialize with other seniors. The South Austin Senior Center has fitness classes such as yoga and T’ai Chi while the Jewish Community Center has a seated fitness class for those with arthritis. The YMCA also offers senior-geared fitness classes including Zumba and a class dedicated to improving balance.

When You Want To Perform

Never got the chance to hit the stage before? Now is your time to shine! Both the South Austin Senior Center and the Lamar Center have dance classes that range from ballet to tap to line dancing. The Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center also has dance classes, but you can join their inspiration choir for a chance to sing.

When You’re Ready To Meet New People

Maybe your friends have all moved away or aren’t at retirement age yet, and you would like to have some company, meetups in Austin are all over the place. You can find seniors interested in the same activities as you, or you can even find a new love interest.

When You Want To See The World

There is no better time than retirement to get out and travel. Senior travel groups are an excellent way to get around with fun companions and see new places. The Austin International Travel Club makes going abroad simple and fun while the Austin-based Specially Designed Travel can plan the perfect trip anywhere in the world based on your interests.

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