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Austin Retirement Planning

Saving for retirement and planning is crucial, but few Americans don’t like to think about it or plan for it. Transamerica Center conducted a survey and found that of 4,500 US workers, only 59 percent were comfortable with their retirement savings, and most of them did not know how much was enough. Guessing at the amount you need for retirement can be dangerous, and this is why professional retirement planners can be so helpful. You can find several financial planning professionals in Austin, and below are some tips on how to find one near you.

What is involved in retirement planning?

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards recommends that people should view retirement as a whole and consider post-retirement items such as long-term health care, estate planning and distribution, and income after retiring.

Retirement income can be complicated, so it’s important to take the time to fully understand all the rules and regulations. With proper planning, you can maximize benefits and lessen tax issues. For people born between 1943 and 1954, they can receive full Social Security retirement benefits at 66, but if they wait until they are 67, they will receive more each month. At age 67, they will be eligible for 108 percent of the monthly benefit and 132 percent of the monthly benefit at age 70.

When you need to withdraw money from your accounts, you should follow a particular order to lessen the amount of tax. A retirement planner can help you come up with the best strategy to keep the most money from your nest egg.

A financial advisor will help you develop the best plan for your lifestyle and give you advice on how long you should wait to retire or if you should consider working part-time. If you need to work past 65, you are not alone because more than 20 percent of Texans are working past age 65, which is up from 13 percent in 1990.

How to find a retirement planner in Austin

There are several Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) in Austin, but you want someone who concentrates in retirement planning. Ask around for referrals from friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors. There are also other search tools to help you find the right professional.

The CFP Board of Standards database has a search function to find local CFPs. You can also refine your search to find those specializing in retirement planning. With each planner, payment plans, specialties, and how much is their minimum investment requirement is important to know.

The Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas region of the Better Business Bureau provides a listing of rated financial planning consultants. You can view their ratings and see if there are any other registered complaints.

Other retirement info

The Attorney General of Texas’ website provides valuable senior financial information, including information on:



Estate and advance care planning

Personal and financial planning

Health-related planning


For more details, visit the Senior Texans page.  You can also call their toll-free line at 800.252.8011.

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