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Austin Rehab Centers

A heart attack, stroke, and injury from a fall are some of the common problems facing older adults. Austin nursing homes provide rehabilitation services to address these concerns and get people back to feeling like their usual selves. Physical therapy is the primary service needed, although occupational and speech therapies may get offered as well.

What Happens in Rehab?

The overall goal of rehab is to get you back on your feet and into the arms of your loved ones. What happens there varies for each person, depending on the type of illness or injury that put you there. In most cases, you will require physical therapy to get you up and walking. You work on the range of motion exercises and improving your strength. Sessions typically get held for an hour or more each day.

Where Do You Go for Rehab?

Numerous locations exist to provide you with rehab services in the Austin area. Cedar View Rehab & Healthcare Center offers semi-private and private rooms for seniors who require short or long-term living arrangements. Physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy are the three main options offered.

Garden Terrace Health & Rehab brings another solution to the table. They focus on rehabilitative services and getting people back on their feet after a serious injury. Visit their center and see why they are one of the top choices in the city.

West Oaks Rehabilitation and HealthCare Center is a licensed facility with 120 beds. Medical rehabilitation takes place at an individual level, ensuring each person receives the precise care they need. The facility accepts Medicare Parts A and B, as well as additional private party insurances.

What Should You Look for in a Rehab Center?

Before settling on a rehab facility, be sure to check into their qualifications. Are they licensed by the state? Do they have enough staff members and nurses on-site? Do you and your family feel welcome when you arrive? Is the facility clean and well-maintained? Take a tour of each site and determine which one best suits your needs and expectations. Not every place will work for every person.

Who Pays for Rehab Care?

Medicare often pays for rehab care. For them to do so, though, you must meet several criteria, including:

Having Medicare Part A Coverage

Being in the Hospital for 3 or More Days

Having a Written Doctor’s Order for the Rehabilitative Care

Requiring Five or More Days Per Week of Care at an Inpatient Facility

As long as you meet these requirements, your Medicare Part A will cover your expenses. Just be sure to choose a Medicare-certified facility that accepts the payments. Not all establishments accept this type of insurance and only take private insurance policies.

If you do not have Medicare, don’t panic. There are still options to help you afford care. Medicaid is one possible option, while another private health insurance policy is another. Use your long-term care coverage and receive the rehab services you need in Austin.

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