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Austin Neighborhood Guide

Trend-setting restaurants, favored bars, and the tech hub of Texas make Austin an exciting place to live. Seniors looking for a spot to retire should consider Austin, as the city includes plenty of activities to keep people leading active lives. It is just a matter of finding the right neighborhood to settle down in for the duration.

Significant Spots in Austin

Several significant spots fill the Austin area. The communities that stand out from the crowd include those that have a lot to offer. Downtown is one example, with upscale restaurants and plenty of condos newly built to draw in residents both old and young. Whole Foods sits right in the center of the condo community, ensuring you only need to walk to the store to get what you need.

Pemberton Heights and Bryker Woods make up some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Austin. Older homes sit atop well-manicured lawns, providing an inviting look and feel to the area. Old oak trees also fill the area, creating a picture-perfect site many do not want to miss out on in their retired days.

Best Austin Senior Living

Some neighborhoods work well for older adults hoping to enjoy their newly retired lifestyle. Wimberley is one of the top places for seniors to live, with 21.8 percent of the residents being age 65 or older. It provides a quiet, small-town feel. Visit the local library to catch up on reading, or head to the Blue Hole Park to enjoy a view of the water.

Barton Hills provides a gated condo community along with individual ranch houses. You can choose which you would prefer to live in for the foreseeable future. A strong community feel keeps people connected, with everyone pitching in regularly to keep up the look and feel of the neighborhood. Many nature-related amenities fill the area, offering space to walk, swim, and enjoy the greenery. The Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum is one of the popular attractions here. Overall, Barton Hills earns a livability score of 85.

Locate Your Living Style

It is important to retire in a place where you feel most comfortable. If you enjoy peace and quiet, do not move to a busy neighborhood filled with shops and restaurants. If you prefer the hustle and bustle of life and want to wake up each day and try something new, find the busiest neighborhood in town and make it home. You need to consider which living style you like best before making your final moving decision.

Tarrytown, Old Enfield, and Barton Hills are three of the quietest neighborhoods in Austin. Choose these locations if you want to enjoy a quiet life surrounded by nature. St. Edwards, West Oak Hill, and Allandale are some of the up and coming neighborhoods in the area that are quickly changing and adding new and exciting shops and boutiques to enjoy.

Consider the things you want most in life and choose an Austin neighborhood that best suits you. A quiet neighborhood surrounded by nature may be your choice, or you may prefer a busy neighborhood filled with shops and restaurants for you to explore. The decision is up to you.

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